Professor Judith Zilberman (Argentina)

Position: Cardiologist, specialized in hypertension and internal medicine

Affiliation: Instituto Cardiovascular de Buenos Aires (ICBA), Hospital Dr. Cosme Argerich de Buenos Aires (GCBA), Facultad de Farmacia y Bioquimica. Catedra Fisiologia UBA, Argentina

What is your role at your work?

Cardiologist, specialized in hypertension and internal medicine, Cardiology Service staff at the Epidemiology, Cardiovascular Diseases Prevention and Hypertension Department at the Buenos Aires Cardiovascular Institute and the Dr. Cosme Argerich Hospital.

The  Arthur C Guyton  Laboratory Research Building.
University of Mississippi Medical Center, Jackson, Mississippi, USA 

At the lab of Professor Cristina Arranz
From left to right: Dr. Maria de los Angeles Costa (+), Dr. Mariana Romero,
Professor Cristina Arranz and Judith Zilberman, MD.


How did you get interested in your career path?

I got interested in CVD in women (especially in Hypertension) by means of research done on the topic.

What are you most proud of in your career or otherwise?

I’m most proud of doing translational research at the Buenos Aires University about the field in which I’m interested: cardiovascular diseases in women.

Healthy Heart Program for women. Villa María Córdoba Argentina

What important career challenges have you faced and how did you overcome them?

One of the most important career challenges I had to face was in deciding to do research, and how to come up with an idea for it.

To overcome those challenges I asked my mentors for help, and they provided me with the possibility of doing hospital rotations in different places, like Jackson Mississippi, or the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina.

The support of my family was also a great help in overcoming this challenge.

What advice would you give your younger self?

My advice is to have tutors that will guide you throughout your career and professional development.

Highlight your most significant research contributions and publications (3-5) – if relevant to you.


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Morphological and functional effects on cardiac tissue induced by moderate zinc deficiency during prenatal and postnatal life in male and female rats.
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At the Lab with Jane Reckelhoff and her team at the
University of Mississippi Medical Center, Jackson, USA

Have you had any significant career mentors? If yes, please provide further details.

  • PhD, Professor J F Reckhelhoff
  • PhD, Professor Cristina Arranz
  • Villamil Alberto MD

Prof. PhD Jane Reckelhoff and Judith Zilberman MD
at the SAHA meeting in La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina


How can we support the next generation of women scientists?
By spreading news and issues about hypertension in women. We can also actively participate in different scientific societies and medical institutions and/or research on the topic. Teaching is another way to support the next generation of women scientists.