Dr. Hind Mamoun Beheiry

Position: Dean, Faculty of Nursing Sciences; Physiology Department, Faculty of Medicine; Head of Research Centre Committee for Medical Sciences; International University of Africa (IUA).

– Treasurer, Scientific and Executive Committee member, Sudanese Society of Hypertension (SSH).
– Director of Health Sector in Arab Union of Professional Women, Sudan Branch, Arab Economic Unity Council, Arabs League.
– Assistant Professor of Physiology, International University of Africa (IUA).

Affiliation: MMBS, MSc and PHD Human Physiology from the University of Khartoum (U of K); Diploma on Research Methodology and Medical Research Ethics jointly from Maryland University USA and Alneelain University Sudan; Master of Medical Education from Gezira University (under process).

Position: Listen to an ISH Podcast with Dr Hind Mamoun Beheiry.

  • What is your role at your work?

I have both an administrative and an academic role. I teach physiology to under and post-graduate students. I had been Deputy Dean at the Faculty of Medicine, IUA, where I took part in curriculum review and reform, development and training workshops for staff, was director of the students’ academic and social affairs committee plus director of the students’ transfer committee to medical school and others. Recently promoted to Dean of the Faculty of Nursing Sciences.

I provide financial resources to the activities of SSH. I run scientific medical research in the area of hypertension, RAAS and renal function with Master and PhD students. Recently we started digging into the genetics of hypertension.

  •      How did you get interested in your career path?

    My late father, Dr Mamoun Beheiry, a famous international Sudanese economist and a graduate of Oxford University (UK) was hypertensive for over forty years. I was proud of his way of life since becoming a medical student. After graduation in the year 2000 I started out by researching renal function in Sudanese patients with essential hypertension, and since then my path has been in the area of hypertension research.

    Hind Beheiry’s parents

  • What are you most proud of in your career or otherwise?

I am proud of my work in the areas of hypertension, renal function and pre-eclampsia for the last 17 years. I have also developed initiatives in the awareness and prevention of breast cancer and HIV/AIDS for sustainable development in Sudan.

  •  What important career challenges have you faced and how did you overcome them?

My family obligations and the administrative burden to some extent, as well as some financial challenges, but nevertheless I managed to overcome them.

Hind Beheiry with her family

  • What advice would you give your younger self?

Keep your goals in front of you and never give up.

  • Highlight your most significant research contributions and publications (3-5) – if relevant to you.

I discovered that the normal value of Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) is lower in Sudanese subjects than known international values. I dug into renal function in Sudanese patients with essential hypertension, with special attention to GFR values and as well in pre-eclampsia. I have published papers in GFR, hypertension, pre-eclampsia and thyroid function.Recently, I have carried out research into the RAAS and  its receptors, systemic and at tissue levels genetics in Sudanese subjects.

  • Have you had any significant career mentors? If yes, please provide further details.


  •  How can we support the next generation of women scientists?

We should increase international collaboration between hypertension societies, scientific meetings and activities focusing on women and hypertension, the exchange of research results, programs of training in research, medical, and technical procedures, and regular regional scientific and collaborative joint activities supported by WHL and ISH.