ISH MENA RAG holds 10th Scientific Session

The 10th ISH Middle East and North Africa scientific session, held on 7 October, was an informative and engaging event that addressed critical topics in healthcare. With a hybrid format combining virtual and live sessions at Bellevue Medical Center in Lebanon, chaired by esteemed medical professionals, the session offered valuable insights.

Dr. Yousif Boobes from the UAE shared a recent literature review published recently in the prestigious British Medical Journal BMC Nephrology, shedding light on the positive effects of fasting on hypertension. This highlights its potential to lower blood pressure.

However, the review also revealed the limited evidence related to other cardiovascular diseases, emphasizing the need for further comprehensive studies.

Dr. Myriam Mrad from Lebanon addressed the impact of environmental pollutants on cardiovascular diseases, specifically hypertension, focusing on the MENA region and Lebanon’s environmental pollution data.

The session concluded with a rich discussion, providing a deeper understanding of the topics covered. The recorded session will be available for review at, offering an opportunity to gain valuable knowledge from these expert presentations.

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