Initiative endorsed by the ISH launched in Thailand to improve hypertension care

A new initiative to improve hypertension care in Thailand began this month.

Hypertension Camp – organised by the Thai Hypertension Society (THS) and endorsed by the ISH – will train 80 GPs and internal medicine doctors in Thailand in hypertension screening and management over the next two years.

The initiative, which is sponsored by Abbott via an educational grant, will see four one-day workshops take place – with 20 participants attending each time. Each workshop will equip attendees to become champions in hypertension care in the hospitals where they work.

The first workshop took place this month in Bangkok.

All doctors trained through the initiative are being invited to join the THS research network to gather data about hypertension care in each region of Thailand and will support future projects such as May Measurement Month.

Speakers at the workshop covered topics including:

  • The burden of cardiovascular disease in Thailand
  • Effective diagnosis and monitoring of hypertension in primary care
  • Effective lifestyle modifications
  • Out of office BP measurement and interpretation
  • Overview of antihypertensive medication
  • Management of hypertension in chronic kidney disease
  • Management of hypertension in pregnancy
  • Resistant and recurring hypertension
  • Compliance with medication

Prof Apichard Sukonthasarn, President of the Thai Society of Hypertension, said: “The session was hugely successful. The participation from our scholars was beyond expected and our faculty was highly satisfied. Everybody enjoyed the session and learned from each other. I would like to sincerely thank the ISH and Abbott for their assistance in making this event possible.” 

Professor Apichard, President of the Thai Society of Hypertension, addresses the workshop.