Dr Hind Beheiry (Sudan)

Our first lived experience article is written by Dr. Hind Mamoun Beheiry, Associate Professor of Physiology, President of Sudanese Society of Hypertension, Member of ISH Women in Hypertension Committee 2020-2022, Regional Advisory Group for Africa and winner of the ISH 2018 Developing World Award.

The Republic of the Sudan, situated in Northeast Africa, has a total area of 1,886,000 Km2; and a population of 41.8, million, according to the 2018 population census. The Sudanese ethnicity is Afro-Arabs.

In spite of the rich mineral resources in Sudan, and the country’s possession of the largest livestock in Africa, and extended agricultural land and water resources, Sudan suffers from high illiteracy, political instability, environment, poor infra-structure, including networking, and low socio-economic conditions, which have led to a poor health system, and lack of health awareness and scientific and medical research, including Hypertension.