Update from the Chair of the Regional Advisory Group (RAG) for the Americas – Cesar Romero

August 2023: Representatives from the ISH were part of the XXXI Conference of the Brazilian Society of Hypertension (SBH), held in Cuiaba, Mato Grosso, in August 2023. Organized by Dr Luiz Scala, the conference was attended by close to 700 people, including many young members of the Cardiac Society of Cuiaba. 

ISH co-organized a joint symposium on blood pressure control with the SBH. The session was chaired by Debora Colombari (Chair of Membership, ISH) and Katia de Angelis (president, SBH). The speakers were Elizabeth Muxfeldt (RAG Americas), Patricio Jaramillo (Honorary President, ISH-Cartagena 2024), Cesar Romero (RAG Americas), and Luiz Bortolotto (Past-president, SBH). Topics discussed included clinical inertia, monitoring, physical exercise, and first-line treatment. 

One of the highlights of the conference was the presentation of the 15-year follow-up of the biggest longitudinal study from Brazil, ELSA-Brazil, by Professor Jose Geraldo Mill. ELSA-Brazil aims at a better understanding of the development and progression of chronic diseases, particularly cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. The good news is that the study has been renewed for the next 5 years, making it one of the longest in Latin America. The cohort includes representatives from 5 cities, including rural areas and native populations.

Another important moment of the conference was the presentation of several implementation programs and initiatives in Brazil, including the Hearts program (OPS-WHO) and the Cardio4Cites in Sao Paulo. Both initiatives aim to reduce the burden of hypertension by increasing awareness and standardizing treatment. 

Basic science has a long tradition in Brazil and was well represented by several sessions at the conference. The highlighted research included work by Robson Santos, Maria Claudia Irigoyen, and Dulce Elena Casarini. 

Cuiaba is the geographical center of Latin America and well represents the camaraderie and celebration culture of the region. The vibrant young representatives and researchers from Cuiaba and Brazil promised to join us in Cartagena next year. 

We thank the organizers for the opportunity to participate in this wonderful conference.

From left to right: Luiz Bortolotto, MD (past-president SBH), Katia de Angelis, PhD (Current SBH president), Elizabeth Muxfeldt, MD (RAG Americas), Patricio Lopez-Jaramillo (Honorary President, ISH Cartagena 2024), Debora Colombari, PhD (ISH Membership), Cesar Romero, MD (RAG Americas).

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