ISH Women in Hypertension Research Mentoring Meetings

Between 11 and 22 October 2021 

The ISH Women in Hypertension Research Committee (WIHRC) is organising 30-minute online mentoring meetings with young (mentee) and senior (mentor) scientists between 11 and 22 October 2021.

Our aim is to stimulate scientific networking and to enable the learning of skills related to career paths and development, scientific independence, grant/fellowship applications, and work and personal time management. We would like to facilitate a space for discussion, not limited to science, where mentees will have the opportunity to talk freely about any concern/topic they choose. 

We have 11 exceptional mentors participating in this initiativeDylan Burger, Yan Li, Jiguang Wang, Ulrike Muscha Steckelings, Marko PoglitschNiamh Chapman, Guto Montezano, Alta Schutte, Glenn Croston, Marisol Fernandez and Karla Neves. See below for more information. 

Please note that a limited number of mentor / mentee matches can be made by the ISH WiHRC (a maximum of 2 per mentor). Hence, meetings will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. Slots will be offered in a variety of languages, depending on the mentor. 

Please complete this ONLINE FORM if you are a current ISH member and would be interested in attending one of these meetings as a mentee.

Deadline: 26th September 2021


Dylan Burger:

Associate Professor at the Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine from the University of Ottawa. He is a discovery scientist interested in the pathogenesis of diabetic vascular and kidney disease focusing on the role of extracellular vesicles. Dylan is Chair of the Communications Committee and member of the Council of ISH.

Language: English, French.

Niamh Chapman:

Born in Ireland. Postdoctoral Researcher at Menzies Institute for Medical Research, Tasmania, Australia. Niamh’s research interests are focused on clinical cardiovascular health with a particular focus in new methods to improve health care delivery. Niamh is Vice-Chair of the Women in Hypertension Research Committee of ISH.

Language: English.

Glenn Croston:

An experienced scientist and drug discovery researcher and biotech entrepreneur with 24+ years of industry experience moving drugs forward from concept to clinic.

Language: English.

Marisol Fernandez:

Professor of Pharmacology and Research Director of the Group for the Study of Cardiometabolic Health from the Universidad Complutense, Madrid, Spain. Her interests are on pathophysiological mechanisms leading to vascular dysfunction in hypertension and obesity (with a special focus on the RAS system, oxidative stress, and perivascular adipose tissue). Marisol is member of the Women in Hypertension Research Committee of ISH and President of the European Council for Cardiovascular Research.

Language: English, German, Spanish.

Yan Li:

Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine and vice director of the Centre for Vascular Evaluations and Community Studies at the Shanghai Institute of Hypertension. Her research interests include clinical and population studies on hypertension, blood pressure monitoring, arterial stiffness, and related cardiovascular diseases. She serves as associate editor for Blood Pressure and the Journal of Clinical Hypertension and editorial board member for Hypertension, Hypertension Research and Chinese Hypertension Journal. Yan is vice executive secretary of Chinese Hypertension League, and member of the Women in Hypertension Research Committee of ISH.

Language: English, Chinese.

Augusto (Guto) Montezano:

Born in Brazil. Research Fellow holding a Walton Fellowship in Cardiovascular Medicine at the Institute of Cardiovascular & Medical Sciences. His research interests are focused on vascular biology of hypertension and calcification. Guto is member of the Mentoring and Training Committee of ISH and has other experience with working in scientific societies (AHA, ECCR) as well.

Language: English, Portuguese.

Karla Neves:

Born in Brazil. Research associate in the Institute of Cardiovascular & Medical Sciences of University of Glasgow. Karla’s research interests are on the vascular mechanisms by which VEGF inhibitors cause cardiovascular toxicities, and how Notch3 mutation in CADASIL affects peripheral small vessels causing vascular dysfunction. She is member of the Women in Hypertension Research Committee of ISH.

Language: English, Portuguese.

Marko Poglitsch:

Attoquant Diagnostics founder and CEO with strong scientific background (PhD). Attoquant is specialized in the quantitative analysis of vasoactive peptides with a special focus on the peptides of the renin-angiotensin-system and offers LC-MS/MS based quantification of low-abundance peptide hormones in biological samples.

Language: English, German.

Alta Schutte:

Born in South Africa. As the Theme Lead for Cardiac, Vascular and Metabolic Medicine at the University of New South Wales, and Professorial Fellow at the George Institute for Global Health in Australia, Professor Schutte’s work focuses on the primary and secondary prevention of hypertension and cardiovascular disease across the life-course, with a particular interest in low resource settings. Alta is immediate Past President of ISH.

Language: English, Afrikaans.

Ulrike Muscha Steckelings:

Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Southern Denmark. Mother of one. Commuting between Denmark and Germany Muscha is a physician by training. Her research interests lie in the protective arm of the renin angiotensin system, in particular the angiotensin AT2-receptor, spanning from basic biology over pre-clinical studies to test their therapeutic efficacy in cardiovascular and other diseases to the involvement in the drug development program for the AT2R-agonist C21 by a small biotech company. She is current Chair of the Women in Hypertension Research Committee of ISH and does equality work at her university as well.

Language: English, German.

Jiguang Wang:

Director of the Shanghai Institute of Hypertension, director of the Department of Hypertension, Ruijin Hospital. He is coordinating several multicentre randomized clinical trials and population- and patient-cohort studies in China.

Language: English, Chinese.