Over 2,000 people attend Argentine Society of Hypertension meeting

Chair of the ISH Americas RAG Dr Cesar Romero attended the 30th Meeting of the Argentine Society of Hypertension (SAHA) from 18th to 20th April, and sent us the following report on the highly successful congress.

The XXX Argentine Society of Hypertension (SAHA) meeting took place in Cordoba, Argentina. Led by Ariel Volmaro, MD (President of the Organizing Committee) and Dr. Marcos Baroni, MD (President of the Scientific Committee), the meeting was a success, with 2120 accredited attendees and over 80 original research works presented.

Internationally recognized speakers, as well as national leaders in the field of hypertension, delivered lectures and symposiums showcasing the latest advances in hypertension research. ISH representatives, including George Stergiou MD (ISH Secretary, Greece),  Tazeen Jafar MD (ISH Council Member, Singapore), and I participated in the meeting. Tazeen Jafar joined remotely. A joint ISH-SAHA symposium took place on the final day of the meeting, during which the three ISH representatives, two SAHA representatives, and the Health Minister of Cordoba discussed various approaches to improving blood pressure control.

Additionally, on Friday 19th April, an oral competition was held between the top five original works, both in basic and clinical research, organized by the ISH. Dr. Albertina Ghelfi and Silvana Cantu, MS, were the awardees. We extend our gratitude to all presenters and members of the general public who attended the oral competitions. Moreover, during the conference, ISH representatives attended the closing ceremony of the first edition of the biannual Certificate in Hypertension, organized by ISH-RAG for the Americas and SAHA, where the certificates were awarded.

The Argentine Meeting of Hypertension provided an excellent opportunity to strengthen the friendship and collaboration between ISH and SAHA.

Dr Cesar Romero

Dr Cesar Romero

ISH Americas RAG Chair, USA

Pictured above: Prof. George Stergiou, ISH Secretary and President-Elect speaking at the event.