MENA RAG News, November 2021

November was a busy month in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region with two well-organised scientific hypertension conferences. Within three weeks apart, the fourth Iraqi hypertension conference and the 7th Saudi Hypertension conferences were held. A unified goal to stand against hypertension was raised through these conferences.  Both conference’s goals were increasing awareness within the region and providing updated scientific knowledge to all health care team in the region on hypertension and cardiovascular risk management.

Fourth Iraqi Hypertension Conference

On the 4th  – 5th of November. The Fourth Iraqi Hypertension Conference took place. Over two days valuable scientific presentations were delivered by local and international speakers. Under the theme ‘Hypertension control in Iraq’ several topics were discussed covering  diagnosis, management and target organ damage.

The International Society of Hypertension participated, through one presentation delivered by Dr. Jafar Alsaid the chair of the ISH Regional Advisory Group (RAG) for MENA, discussing the 2020 International Society of Hypertension Global Hypertension Practice Guidelines.

Seventh Saudi Hypertensive conference

On the 24th -27th of November.  The Seventh Saudi Hypertensive Conference was held. Distinguished international speakers from the ISH and European Society of Hypertension joined well-known local scientists and physicians to cover multiple aspects of hypertension management.

The ISH had a full session, through its MENA RAG. The topics that were discussed over an hour covered:

  • Uric Acid in relation to Hypertension and Cardiovascular disease by Dr. Jafar Alsaid (Bahrain)
  • The sympathetic system and hypertension by Dr. Abdulla Shehab (UAE)
  • Hypertension in the COVID Era by Dr. Ghazi Haji (Iraq)

Dr. Tawfik Albassam (Saudi Arabia) chaired the session and it was moderated by Dr. Rana El-Bikai (Lebanon).

These conferences reflect the dedication of the organisers to raise awareness on hypertension in the region and aim to gather all health resources and medical workers to stand against the disease.

ISH MENA RAG Members participating in the events

From left to right: Dr. Tawfik Albassam, Dr. Jafar Alsaid, Dr. Abdulla Shehab, Dr. Ghazi Harji, Dr. Rana El-Bikai