In focus: Iraqi Hypertension Society

8 April 2024: In a short feature highlighting activity from an ISH-affiliated society, we look ahead to plans from the Iraqi Hypertension Society (IqHS) in 2024.

The IqHS is organising several important activities and initiatives in 2024.

It has already held several meetings in 2024 at Iraqi universities on hypertension control and prevention, as well as an IqHS smoking control campaign.

The IqHS also held a joint symposium in January with the Iraqi Psychiatric Association on ‘Cardio-mental health improvement’. This event looked at the psycho-social risk factors for heart disease and explored plans to set up a psychiatric clinic in the cardiology department that the IqHS intends to establish with the co-operation of the Iraqi Psychiatric Association. 

Future activities in 2024 include:

  • a May 2024 summit on hypertension in childhood with the Iraqi Paediatric Society 
  • the 7th IqHS international conference in Baghdad in August 2024 – with details to be announced in due course 
  • joint summits across the year with the Iraqi Orthopeadic Association; the Iraqi Rheumatology Association; the Iraqi Gastroenterology Society; and the Iraqi Society for TB Control and Pulmonary Diseases.

The IqHS is also preparing for the launch of its scientific journal called ISHTAR – the journal of the Iraqi Society of Hypertension for Academic Research, which will publish articles on hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.

The Iraqi Hypertension Society will continue its engagement with the public and clinicians. Its workshops for the public will continue to raise awareness of the risks of hypertension.

Seminars for clinicians will include a session on developments in the management of hypertension. And a seminar for doctors, pharmacists and nurses will highlight the correct way to measure blood pressure.

The IqHS will once again be part of World Hypertension Day on 17th May.

Visit the website of the Iraqi Hypertension Society. 

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