3rd ISH MENA RAG Scientific Session, 26 March 2022

Report by Professor Jafar Alsaid
Chair ISH Middle East and North Africa Regional Advisory Group

The 3rd ISH Middle East and North Americas Regional Advisory Group (MENA RAG) Scientific Session took place on the 26th of March 2022, with presentations delivered on 3 topics.

(1)   Dr. James Stephen Jenkins, Director of Interventional Cardiology Research, Ochsner Medical Center, New Orleans, USA, covered intervention treating hypertension. He updated on renal denervation, baroreceptor stimulation with the outcome of data from the latest published literature. The sympathetic overdrive and its clinical impact with the benefit of counteracting that drive was also elegantly presented.

(2)   The second presentation was made by Dr. Basel Safi, Consultant Vascular surgeon Burjeel Hospital, Abu Dhabi, on venous disease and chronic venous insufficiency with its clinical implications. Medical management was presented in view of updated clinical data.

(3)   The third topic was hypertension management and the delicate control of blood pressure. The topic was extensively covered by Dr. Tawfik Albassam, member of the MENA RAG and Saudi Hypertension Society of Hypertension leader.

The session was attended by 135 delegates. The 30 minutes of discussion at the end of the session reflected the interest in the topics by the participants and positive feedback was received from those attending.

The 4th ISH MENA RAG session is scheduled for 28th May. Find out more and save the date.

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