New resources launched by HEARTS programme in the Americas to support hypertension management

Two new open-access publications have been launched to support primary health care teams in managing hypertension and cardiovascular risk effectively.

The publications are from the ‘HEARTS in the Americas’ programme, the regional adaptation of Global Hearts, the initiative for cardiovascular disease prevention and control developed by the WHO together with several partners including the ISH.

The publications offer practical, evidence-based guidance in a concise format, addressing the challenges of information overload and time constraints faced by healthcare professionals.

The first publication – “HEARTS in the Americas: Compendium of Essential Clinical Tools” brings together a range of technical resources aimed at streamlining the daily workflow of healthcare teams. Resources include the HEARTS Clinical Pathway and the HEARTS app.

The second manual – “HEARTS in the Americas: Quality Improvement for Primary Health Care Centers” sets out the essential components for enhancing care quality in primary healthcare centers. It underscores the importance of delivering effective, equitable, and evidence-based care to optimize individual outcomes.

HEARTS in the Americas, an initiative covering 33 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, is grounded in robust scientific evidence. It prioritizes comprehensive cardiovascular risk management and continuous quality improvement efforts, with the aim of transforming healthcare delivery practices and establishing a new care paradigm to improve health indicators.

It is hoped the two publications are valuable resources for primary healthcare teams globally, extending beyond the countries currently implementing HEARTS.