Part A. The nominee should be a PhD student, trainee (postdoctorate/fellow) or within 7 years of the first faculty appointment currently at a facility performing basic, clinical or translational research, or other related research with a primary focus on the field of hypertension and vascular research.

The nominee must be an ISH member, in the category of Trainee (formerly known as Research Fellow) or Emerging Leader or have a membership pending before nomination. For information on how to become a member of the ISH, click here. 

Part B. Two of three of the following criteria should be met:

  1. History of scholarship activities to support their dedication to hypertension research (e.g. original research, reviews, conference presentations).
  2. Service to the field of hypertension through either: service on ISH committees OR local hypertension related committees OR other activities (e.g. volunteering for May Measurement Month) OR evidence of peer-review of scientific manuscripts in the field of hypertension
  3. Community engagement to increase awareness and education directly related to the field of hypertension OR clinical duties that are directly related to the field of hypertension

Candidates for the New Investigator Spotlight may be identified through either:

  1. Identified by the New Investigator Committee or another ISH committee.
  2. Nominated by a member of the ISH
  3. Self-nominated

For self-nominations, please include a letter of support from an ISH member or qualified researcher.

Individuals who are nominated by other members of ISH, or wish to self-nominate, should submit a letter of support and copy of their CV to the ISH New Investigator Committee via the following email address: