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2013 - New Orleans Symposium

New Orleans (French: La Nouvelle-Orléans), a city well known for its vibrant architecture, multilingual heritage, music and dance festivals, hosted the 3rd ISH New Investigators' Symposium on Hypertension and Cardiovascular Disease at the Marriott Hotel on the 10th of September, 2013.

This satellite symposium was held in collaboration with the Council for High Blood Pressure Research (CHBPR) of the American Heart Association during their 2013 Scientific Sessions and was exclusively organized and executed by the ISH New Investigator Committee (NIC).

The symposium provided a free full day forum for new (under 40 years of age) scientists and clinicians in training who have an interest in hypertension and cardiovascular disease. The major theme was “A global hypertension network “in an effort to attract more young investigators to the mission and vision of the NIC and ISH. One hundred and twenty six abstracts were submitted and graded by the committee, where 80 and 30 were accepted for poster and oral presentations, respectively. 9 travel grants were offered, as well as the awards listed below. These were generously sponsored by symposium supporters; Data Sciences International (DSI), Daiichi-Sankyo, Nature Publishing Group and Omron.

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Of note, this was an important opportunity to hear about some exciting research conducted by brilliant young investigators from across the globe. The programme covered topics from hypertension genetics to preeclampsia, to name a few, and the questions were engaging and well structured. NIC members jointly moderated 24 oral presentations.

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Awards & Travel Grant Winners

View a list of the young investigators (shown below) who were recognized for their outstanding results.

Click here to see the 2013 Award & Travel Grant Winners

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Presentation by Dr. Jane Reckelhoff

The highlight of the symposium was a keynote lecture by Dr. Jane Reckelhoff, Ph.D. Billy S. Guyton Distinguished Professor Director, Women's Health Research Center University of Mississippi Medical Center, Jackson, USA, entitled: OMG! From Sequester and Beyond: Am I Going to Make it as a Scientist?. From her, we learn that the research opportunities, including government funded grants, are becoming more available, and that the young investigators should strive in combining imagination, persistence and curiosity to succeed and publish in this field. Dr. Reckelhoff's thoughts were warmly welcomed.

We are extremely grateful to Dr. Reckelhoff for allowing us to share this document with you.

Click here to view a copy of Dr. Reckelhoff's presention

Concluding with an invitation to join the NIC activities, Praveen Veerabhadrappa (Leader, NIC Recruitment Working Group) stressed on the importance of a fruitful collaboration between young scientists. This unique opportunity to present and discuss, make new friends, build research networks and establish collaborations that can last a lifetime provided a new platform for young investigators to excel in their field of scientific work and seek mentorship opportunities.

The NIC pledges to continue its dedicated work and will look forward to welcoming several new and unique investigators that were successfully recruited to the Society since the symposium. We look forward to seeing all of you in Athens at the 4th ISH New Investigator Symposium.

The NIC would like to acknowledge the sincere efforts of all abstract reviewers (listed in the programme), oral/poster session chairs & moderators, sponsors, event organisers and the secretariat of ish.

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