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Karla, Katrina, Richard and Krupa

2013 - Award and Travel Grant Winners

Award winners

  • Krupa Savalia

    Jane Reckelhoff Award of the ISH New Investigator Committee

    Winner: Krupa Savalia, Omaha, NE, USA

    Oral Presentation: Nanoformulated Copper/Zinc Superoxide Dismutase: Alternative Therapeutic Strategy for Angiotensin II-dependent Neurogenic Hypertension

  • Richard Wainford

    ISH New Investigator Committee Oral Presentation Award

    Winner: Richard Wainford, Boston, MA, USA

    Oral Presentation: PVN Gαi2 Subunit Proteins - The Key to a Salt-resistant Phenotype?

  • Karla Haack

    ISH New Investigator Committee Poster Presentation Award

    Winner: Karla Haack, Omaha, NE, USA

    Oral Presentation: Activation of Nrf2 by Exercise Training and Curcumin Contributes to Sympatho-Inhibition in Heart Failure

  • Katrina Binger

    ISH New Investigator Committee Poster Presentation Award

    Winner: Katrina Binger, Berlin, Germany

    Oral Presentation: High Salt (NaCl) Affects H3K4 Trimethylation And Alternative Macrophage Activation

Travel Grant Winners

  • Sofie Brouwers being awarded

    Sofie Brouwers Brussels, Belgium

    Oral Presentation: The creation of an iliofemoral arteriovenous fistula in patients with severe hypertension: a prospective non-randomized open label multi-center study

  • Santiago Cuevas Baltimore, MD, USA

    Poster Presentation: Nrf2 mediates the antioxidant effect of D2R via DJ-1 in the kidney

  • Michael Da Silva being awarded

    Michael De Silva Iowa, City, USA

    Poster Presentation: Augmented Myogenic Responses in Cerebral Arteries Following Interference with Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor γ (PPARγ) in Smooth Muscle via a Rho Kinase (ROCK)-Dependent Mechanism

  • Rana El Bikai being awarded

    Rana El Bikai Montreal, Canada

    Poster Presentation: Hypertension and vascular ageing are risk factors for a decreased bone mineral density and fractures

  • Tomoyuki being awarded

    Tomoyuki Honjo Kobe, Japan

    Oral Presentation: CD8+ T cells elicited by an apoB-100 related peptide vaccine mediate protection against angiotension II-induced hypertension and renal fibrosis

  • Augusto being awarded

    Augusto Montezano Glasgow, UK

    Poster Presentation: Redox-sensitive osteogenic factors as novel mediators of vascular injury in hypertension

  • Francisco Rios being awarded

    Francisco Rios Glasgow, UK

    Oral Presentation: Torcetrapib and dalcetrapib, cetp inhibitors, induce adipocyte-derived aldosterone and reactive oxygen species formation

  • Junie Warrington being awarded

    Junie Paula Warrington Jackson, MS, USA

    Oral Presentation: Hemeoxygenase-1 induction increases βENaC in ischemic placentas and cultured cytotrophoblasts

  • Jiandong Zhang Carey, NC, USA

    Poster Presentation: Interleukin-1 potentiates NO-driven sodium retention through upregulation of the Na+-K+-2Cl- cotransporter in Angiotensin II-dependent hypertension

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