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Morning blood pressure surge in young black and white adults: The African-PREDICT Study

Gontse G. Mokwatsi, Aletta E Schutte, Catharina Mels, Ruan Kruger

J Hum Hypertens; 2019; 33(1):22-33.

Gontse Mokwatsi (South Africa)



1) Summarise your work in one sentence.

Due to scant knowledge of exaggerated morning blood pressure surge (MBPS) occurrence in young healthy individuals, we aimed to evaluate MBPS and its potential determinants (demographic, cardiovascular and health behaviour measures) in young (20–30 years) black and white men and women.


2) Summarise your findings in one sentence.

We found a higher, but normal MBPS in young and healthy white men, and young black adults had a lower MBPS due to non-dipping patterns.


3) Which were the more important methods you used in this work? If it is not a traditional method you can briefly explain the concept of that methodology.

We used a 24-h ambulatory blood pressure monitor (ABPM) and ECG apparatus to measure blood pressure, and quantified sleep-trough surge as well dynamic morning surge.


4) What did you learn from this paper, what was your take-home message?

Despite black individuals having a lower MBPS, non-dipping night-time patterns presented in them may serve as an important risk factor and potential predictor of future cardiovascular disease.


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