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Mediation of coffee-induced improvements in human vascular function by chlorogenic acids and its metabolites: Two randomized, controlled, crossover intervention trials.

Mills CE, Flury A, Marmet C, Poquet L, Rimoldi SF, Sartori C, Rexhaj E, Brenner R, Allemann Y, Zimmermann D, Gibson GR, Mottram DS, Oruna-Concha MJ, Actis-Goretta L, Spencer JP. Clin Nutr. 2016 Nov 30; [Epub ahead of print] PMID:28012692

Charlotte Mills (UK)

Charlotte Mills is a Post Doctoral Research Associate in Diabetes and Nutritional Sciences, King’s College London.

1) Summarize your work in one sentence.

We tested if coffee, which is naturally high in bioactive (poly)phenols called chlorogenic acids, was capable of improving endothelial function acutely.

2) Summarize your findings in one sentence.

Coffee intake acutely improved human vascular function, an effect, in part mediated by chlorogenic acids and their physiological metabolites.

3) Which were the more important methods you used in this work? If it is not a traditional method you can briefly explain the concept of that methodology.

We performed two randomised control trials; an efficacy trial (testing coffee) and an proof of concept trial (testing pure chlorogenic acid). We measured endothelial function using flow mediated dilatation and measured circulating chlorogenic metabolites in plasma using LC-MS.

4) What did you learn from this paper, what was your take-home message?

Metabolites derived from chlorogenic acids in coffee may be important mediators of improvements in acute endothelial function, a cardiovascular disease risk factor.  A proposed mechanism is by mimicking NADPH oxidase inhibitors and hence, mediating nitric oxide production.


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