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Professor Dame Anna F Dominiczak, Glasgow , UK

Posted on 27/02/2019

Our latest “What’s on my desk” comes from Professor Dame Anna F Dominiczak DBE MD FRCP FAHA FRSE FMedSci Winner of the 2013 and 2017 Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Further and Higher Education. Anna received the "ISh Honour for Senior Women Researches" at Hypertension Beijing 2018 and served as the ISH Secretary from 2002-2006.

I have been reading a review article in Nature Medicine entitled:  “High-performance medicine:  the convergence of human and artificial intelligence” by Eric J.Topol (Nature Medicine 2019; 25: 44-56).

This is an interesting and in depth analysis of promises and reality of bringing AI to medicine.  As Dr Topol aptly wrote “The field is certainly high on promise and relatively low on data and proof.”  It is important to understand that the algorithms will not replace clinicians but rather a symbiosis will be developed with the essential human oversight of algorithmic interpretation of images and data.


Professor Dame Anna F Dominiczak DBE MD FRCP FAHA FRSE FMedSci

Regius Professor of Medicine

Vice-Principal and Head of College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences

University of Glasgow


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