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Peter Nilsson, Lund University, Sweden

Posted on 20/06/2018

View the paper that Prof. Peter Nilsson, Chair - ISH Europe Regional Advisory Group, is reading right now on early life programming of cardiometabolic disease.

Peter Nilsson


Effect of In Utero and Early-Life Conditions on Adult Health and Disease

Peter D. Gluckman, M.D., D.Sc., Mark A. Hanson, D.Phil., Cyrus Cooper, M.D., and Kent L. Thornburg, Ph.D.






Why I selected this manuscript?

I have recently re-read this nice overview on the early life origins of adult health and cardiometabolic disease from N Engl J Med 2008 by Peter Gluckman and Mark Hanson. It covers the so called mis-match hypothesis when children born small-for gestational age (SGA) grow too rapidly in early life, thereby triggering mechanisms that later in life could promote the development of hypertension, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

Maybe this interest is a reflection of my own new role as a grand-father when I can watch a new generation growing up, hopefully for a more healthy life that that of previous generations.

Peter Nilsson's grandchildren

We live in a global context, when the developmental origins of adult health and disease (DOHaD) becomes increasingly important. Please check the DOHaD society, and realise that we all have been children once - a simple truism of life but with long-lasting implications for health it seems (


Peter Nilsson
Professor of Cardiovascular Research at the Lund University, Sweden

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