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Michael Stowasser, University of Queensland in Queensland, Australia

Posted on 17/08/2018

We are delighted to share the latest “What’s on my desk” from Professor Michael Stowasser, University of Queensland in Queensland, Australia. Michael has chosen to share a YouTube video of what he is listening to right now.

A clip of the US Jazz Fusion Band - Snarky Puppy

Michael tell us why he has chosen to share this YouTube video.

This is a clip of the amazing US jazz fusion band “Snarky Puppy” performing live in front of a studio audience. I chose it because it features the talents of Cory Henry who plays one of the most incredible keyboard solos I have ever heard.Being a keyboard player myself, and having played in jazz and rock bands throughout my medical student training, I can really appreciate not only his astounding technical skills, but the intelligence and artistic depth with which he constructs his solo, building it from a soft, haunting entry to a blaring crescendo finale, all the while keeping in time with complex rhythms and showing similar dexterity with both right and left hands. Amazingly, he rose to fame as an organ player playing gospel music.

Michael Stowasser


Pictured left: Michael Stowasser watching the video on YouTube

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