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Latest News

  • ISH New Investigator Committee Networking and Mentorship Event

    This year's Networking and Mentorship event was held in the LU restaurant at the Coex convention centre, Seoul, Korea as part of the ISH 2016 Biennial Scientific Meeting. The event was very well attended (over 150 participants) by distinguished guests, ISH council members, senior faculty and junior investigators. Participants originated from 34 countries.

    Read More 15/11/2016

  • Georgios Papadakis interview - November new investigator of the month

    Join us in congratulating Georgios Papadakis, ISH New Investigator of the month, from Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA, and the National Institute of Dental Health and Craniofacial Research, NIH, Bethesda, MD, USA.

    His research interests include pre-clinical imaging using micro-PET/CT and micro-PET/MRI in small animal models, multi-modality image analysis of PET/CT & PET/MRI scans, informatics and computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) in nuclear medicine applications, 
machine learning for medical imaging, and computer vision for clinical image processing.

    Read More 01/11/2016

  • ISH 50th Anniversary Video

    We invite you to view a video chronicling the ISH history over the last 50 years (1966-2016). This was launched during the ISH 2016 Biennial Meeting in Seoul, Korea.

    Read More 27/10/2016

  • RAAS 2016, Tokyo

    Report on ISH official satellite symposium RAAS 2016, Tokyo, September 23-24.

    Read More 24/10/2016

  • Ernesto Schiffrin Honoured with 2016 Margolese Heart Diseases Prize

    Ernesto Schiffrin (Hypertension Canada President and ISH Past President) to receive the Margolese National Heart Disorders Prize.

    Read More 24/10/2016

  • ISH 2022 Scientific Meeting Destination Annoucement: Kyoto, Japan

    The destination for the ISH 2022 Scientific Meeting was announced during the recent ISH meeting in Seoul. Join us in congratulating the Japanese Society of Hypertension who will be the local organisers of this event and please start planning now to attend!

    Read More 14/10/2016

  • Congratulations to the ISH 2016 Award Winners!

    The Society was delighted to announce the winners of the ISH 2016 biennial awards during a ceremony in Seoul on 28th September. Winners were presented as follows.

    Read More 14/10/2016

  • The Lancet Commission on Hypertension is launched at the 2016 ISH Meeting, Seoul, Korea

    A major review is calling for improvements in the way hypertension is treated on a global scale. The Lancet Commission on Hypertension cites ‘unsolved areas’ that if tackled could help reduce the burden of high blood pressure, the world’s number one cause of death.

    Read More 01/10/2016

  • NEW ISH PRESIDENT - Professor Neil Poulter

    Join us in congratulating Professor Neil Poulter (International Centre for Circulatory Health (ICCH), London, UK) as the next ISH President (2016-2018). To find out more read a profile published in The Lancet on 28 September.

    Read More 01/10/2016

  • Akiko Tanino interview - October new investigator of the month

    Join us in congratulating Akiko Tanino, ISH New Investigator of the month from Ehime University Graduate School of Medicine, Japan. Her proudest moment was when she was honored with the young investigator award at the Hypertension Summit 2016 at Kyoto (attended by ISH representatives).

    Read More 30/09/2016

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