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Podocyte specific APOL1 risk variant overexpression in mice induces proteinuric kidney disease

(A Hot off the Press report from the June 2017 issue of ISH Hypertension News)

Beckerman et al. (2017) Nature Medicine

The presence of 2 APOL1 risk alleles (risk alleles termed G1 and G2, with G0 being normal) emerged as a huge story back in 2010 after Genovese et al reported their findings in Science that the presence of these risk alleles were associated with FSGS and hypertension attributed ESKD in African Americans. Interestingly, they described how the high risk alleles function as a serum lytic factor for Trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense. This is important because this particular subspecies is able to evade lysis from the G0 allele. Since the seminal observation a number of investigations have associated these risk alleles with several kidney diseases in African Americans (HIVAN, FSGS, hypertension associated ESKD, and Lupus).


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