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New Investigator Seeking Mentorship

We would now like to ask your assistance and interest in making contact as a possible mentor with new investigator, Dr. Ozzanne Issakwisa.

Dear ISH Member,

Re: ISH MENTORSHIP SCHEME; an exciting scheme designed to bring together New Investigators (students and hypertension researchers who are within 10 years of a doctoral degree) and more experienced investigators.

We would now like to ask your assistance and interest in making contact as a possible mentor with the following new investigator, Dr. Ozzanne Issakwisa.

When responding to the ISH Secretariat (email: please send a brief description of your research area and any other information relevant to a potential interaction.

New Investigator seeking mentorship

Dr. Ozzanne Issakwisa, MD (UDSM), MMed Intenal Medicine (MUHAS), Pg Dip. Echosonography (Vienna)|
Internal Medicine Specialist
Mbeya Consultant Hospital
Mbeya, Tanzania

I am 35 years old internist, cardiology fellow, at Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. In partial fulfilment of my two year fellowship program I am planning to do research on Blood Pressure Control Among Hypertensive Black Africans: One-Year Observation Prospective Study.

The primary objective is to determine blood pressure control rate between newly and old diagnosed Hypertensive patients in Tanzania.

Secondary objective is to compare resting ECG and ECHO changes according to blood pressure control

This will be a Prospective Observational facility Based study

Study Sites are yet to be determined (Muhimbili, Mbeya Consultant Hospital, Dar es Salaam municipal hospitals)

Participants will come from cardiology/hypertension/medical/ward clinics at selected sites.

1. Mentorship

2. Blood Pressure monitors???? (Individualized vs. Facility Based Blood Pressure monitoring)

3. ??Additional budget for measuring Sodium and Potassium in Urine and Renin in Serum?

4. ??? Buy a Vscan???

We should like to facilitate links between mentors and New Investigators and if you are interested in making contact as a possible mentor then please contact us at the ISH Secretariat so that we can provide the necessary contact details.

 If you have a close colleague who might be an expert in these areas and willing to act as a mentor but is not a member of ISH, then simply let us know about this person and we can make touch and arrange things as appropriate.

 With best wishes and thanks,

Helen Horsfield
ISH Secretariat
Message posted on behalf of the New Investigator Committee

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