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MAY MEASUREMENT MONTH (MMM17) is a global Blood Pressure (BP) Awareness Campaign, incorporating World Hypertension Day.

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The International Society of Hypertension (ISH) has identified increased awareness as a key issue in the fight against raised Blood Pressure (BP). To address the huge disease burden caused by raised BP, it is imperative that we increase the levels of awareness among the world’s hypertensive population (1).

The WHL has been running a very successful World Hypertension Day (WHD) campaign for a number of years but undiagnosed hypertension continues to be a global burden on society, governments, health care professionals and individuals. Hence, from 2017 the ISH in collaboration with the WHL plan to facilitate the expansion of WHD into an exciting campaign and month of global BP measurement - May Measurement Month 2017 (MMM17).

We have an ambitious goal during the month of May 2017 to screen 25 million people, who have not had their BPs measured since April 30, 2016, during the month of May 2017. To reach this target, each day throughout May we will need to screen for example an average of 100 people in 100 sites in each of 100 countries (100 x 100 x 100 x 25 = 25 million!).  We appreciate that the number of sites will vary from country to country based on the population size. But a target to screen 1% of the population of each country will also get us to target. We believe that this goal is achievable but it can only be met with your support and commitment. 

Please join us in this campaign to make a difference.  

With MMM17 we aim to:

  • Highlight the need for increased screening for raised BP.
  • Identify and reduce the BPs of over 2 million people whose raised BP requires intervention according to current guidelines.

Our key objectives:

  1. To screen at least 25 million people aged ≥ 18 years who have not had their BPs measured for at least a year.
  2. To supply as a minimum a diet and lifestyle treatment package to all those found to have BPs in the hypertensive range (≥140mmHg systolic and/or ≥ 90mmHg diastolic).
  3. To use the data on untreated hypertension to motivate governments to improve local screening facilities and policies, and thereby to reduce the global burden of disease associated with raised BP.

How can you and your organisation / institute get involved with MMM?

As a matter of urgency please contact us if you (or your organisation / institute) would like to become a National Leader or lead a screening site during MMM:

  • National leader(s) are asked to co-ordinate national activities. This person could be you, a representative of your national society or another suitably committed colleague
  • Should you or your institute / organisation be interested in leading a screening site then we will ensure that you are put in contact with an established national leader(s) in your country.

Promotion and recruitment

  • Spread the word about MMM17 and encourage your colleagues and friends to become involved: to establish screening centres, set up screening events in the month of May and / or dedicate their time as volunteers to screen targeted groups of your population. Volunteers may be nurses, doctors, medical students, community health workers etc.
  • Widely publicise MMM17 to the general public and encourage individuals to visit their local screening centre.

How will we support you?

  • MMM website - a stand alone website will soon be available where participants can sign up, download materials and learn more about the campaign
  • A specially designed App will be available to collect all of the BP screening data.  Where a screening centre does not have easy access to the internet it will also be possible to supply your data on an excel database. This App will be made available to all those participating in MMM17.
  • We will supply a toolkit of information and supporting collateral.
  • Dedicated project managers will manage the MMM17 and will be available to answer any questions you may have and to help coordinate the global campaign.

Why are we doing this?

Together, we must try to make a difference to the biggest single contributor to global death and to the burden of this disease and we believe that increasing awareness of hypertension is one of the best ways of making such a difference.

MMM17 will represent the largest BP screening programme ever undertaken.  We plan to use the data collected to support research and to publish relevant articles on a national, regional and global level.  You can be part of this exciting initiative and these publications.

If you or a colleague are willing to get involved or become a national leader, then simply send us that message to .  Tell us what role you can play and we will follow up with more details.

Please sign up NOW.

We look forward to receiving your support so that together we CAN make a difference.

Yours sincerely

Neil Poulter                                                                                    

ISH President

On behalf of the MMM ISH/WHL collaboration                                                                

Neil Poulter - ISH President


Ref1 = PURE study (Chow et al JAMA 2013) Hypertension awareness was reportedly only 46% globally.


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