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Luciana C. Veiras interview - January New Investigator of the month

Join us in congratulating our January 2018 ISH New Investigator of the month, Dr Luciana Veiras from the Department of Integrative Anatomical Sciences, Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California. USA

Luciana Veiras imageDr. Luciana Veiras obtained her Biochemistry degree at the University of Buenos Aires and relocated to Los Angeles to join Dr. Alicia McDonough’s lab at USC Keck School of Medicine as a PhD student.

Her area of research is focused on how the kidney regulates blood pressure, the influence of electrolytes homeostasis on blood pressure and sexual dimorphisms in blood pressure and electrolyte regulation between males and females.

Read the full intereview with Luciana C. Veiras to find out more about her work, scientific goals and advise for talented emerging scientists.


Read the full interview with Luciana C. Veiras.


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