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Italian Society of Hypertension 2015 World Hypertension Day Report

May 17, 2015 was the 11th World Hypertension Day, an initiative of the World Hypertension League. The Italian Society of Hypertension (SIIA) organized a large number of initiatives throughout Italy based on the WHL 2015 theme Know your Numbers. The goal of the SIIA is to promote a healthy lifestyle and high blood pressure awareness amongst the population.

Italian Society of Hypertension World Hypertension LeagueActivities were also organized by the Regional Coordinators of SIIA and by numerous members of the Society with the generous support of Italian Red Cross volunteers.

One hundred and forty booths for blood pressure and heart rate measurements were hosted in the main squares of towns and in large supermarkets around Italy. People were encouraged to have their blood pressure measured and an average of 250 people were examined in each booth. These clinical activities were free of charge. At the same time, several hypertension outpatient clinics in large Italian Hospitals offered free consultations and visits throughout the day.

Together with blood pressure measurement and education on high blood pressure clinical significance, information on the benefits of exercise, nutrition, and daily salt intake as non- pharmacological measures to prevent/reduce blood pressure was also provided through meetings and/or informative booklets which were available at all the booths and hypertension centres.

An advertisement promoting the World Hypertension Day was published in some of the most read national newspapers. Many local newspapers and magazines published interviews and articles concerning hypertension and radio and TV programs gave the opportunity to talk about hypertension and to explain its relevance as a cardiovascular risk factor.


Thanks to the joint contribution of the SIIA members, nurses, pharmacists and the Italian Red Cross volunteers the 2015 Hypertension Day was a great success. The SIIA invites all those involved in this year’s initiative to continue the great work done and to participate in the 2016 Hypertension Day.    

Italian Society of Hypertension World Hypertension Day

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