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Inaugural ISH Mentorship Scholar Award - WINNERS

There is a critical need to establish and support high quality training programmes within low/middle income countries that can enhance the early careers of researchers in the basic science, clinical and public health areas of hypertension. To help meet this need, in 2016 the Society advertised that awards would be made available to mentors and organisations in low/middle income countries with the expertise and resources to offer fellowship training in hypertension disciplines to young investigators.

We are delighted to announce that ISH funding has been awarded to the three following projects in Mongolia, Nigeria and Sudan.

ISH members who are leaders in the field have volunteered to support the mentors and mentees over the funding period. We would like to thank these mentors on this noble task. We are looking for another volunteer for project 2 and welcome the involvement of ISH members.


Fadi Charchar reports on the award winners.


Lawrence Olatunji comments on the award:

'It is heart-warming to realise that my research endeavors are recognised by the society,  I feel so honoured to be awarded this ISH Funding Grant for Mentors. Indeed, this is a wonderful motivation for me and most especially for my trainees to be committed to hypertension research'.

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