International Society of Hypertension

From the ISH President and Secretary

Neil Poulter (President) and Maciej Tomaszewski (Secretary) reflect on the current activities of the Society.

Neil Poulter, ISH President, reflects on the current activities of the Society, and in particular, the collaboration with the World Hypertension League (WHL) in the launch of an exciting campaign and month of global blood pressure measurement called "May Measurement Month 2017" (MMM2017).

The goal for the month is to screen 25 million people who have not had their blood pressures measured for a year.

African hypertension leaders participating in a recent MMM2017 meeting in Cape Town


 The hearts indicate countries in Africa committed to MMM. Many thanks to all the individuals and Societies that have already signed up. To the others - please come and join us!

The Society is now more active than ever, and ISH Secretary Maciej Tomaszewski gives his insights into the outcomes of recent ISH activities, current undertakings, and the outlook for the future.


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