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ISH New Investigator Sub-committees: A call for nominations

The ISN New Investigator Committee (NIC) would like to call for nominations for people to join the NIC Media Committee and NIC Recruitment Committee (new sub-committees to be created) from early 2013. DEADLINE: 4th February.

The establishment of the NIC in 2010 has allowed the ISH to crystallise the role of trainees/young investigators in Society business in a meaningful way. It has been a tremendous action packed two years and successful initiatives include (1) development of tailored webpages for New Investigators (2) creation of a Facebook presence (3) organisation of two New Investigators’ Symposium offering a platform for trainees to present work to their peers (4) the creation of a Mentorship Scheme (5) monthly spotlight features on the NIN webpages.

It is now the aim for the New Investigator Network to reach a larger, global audience. Hence, the NIC structure is to be expanded to offer a wider skill base from its members and be more representative of the regions.  NIC Media and NIC Recruitment Committee members will ideally represent the areas covered by the ISH Regional Advisory Groups (1) Africa (2) Asia and Australasia (3) Central and South America (4) Eastern Europe and Middle East (5) Western Europe and North America.

All those joining these sub-committees will be credited for their contributions on the Society website and will become part of a dynamic, creative and enthusiastic group.


  • Committee members should be members of the ISH or willing to join the Society
  • Committee members will have a clinical/research interest in hypertension
  • Committee members will have the enthusiasm and time to dedicate to NIC activities  
  • Committee members will be creative and be able to assist with recommendations for future NIC initiatives
  • Committee members will be required to report back to designated NIC members on a regular basis and join ad-hoc teleconferences/meetings

We encourage nominations to fill these sub-committee places. Self-nominations will be accepted.

How to nominate yourself or a colleague

  • Write to Maciej Tomaszewski, Chair of the NIC at attaching a short CV
  • Specify (in brief):
    • Nominee contact details
    • Skills to be offered by you/ the nominee
    • Why you/the nominee would like to join a Sub-committee and which one (NIC Media or Recruitment Committee) 

We look forward to hearing from you by Monday 4th February.

With best wishes,

Maciej Tomaszewski, Chair NIC on behalf of committee members:


  • Dylan Burger
  • Fadi Charchar
  • Alta Schutte
  • Praveen Veerabhadrappa

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