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ISH New Investigator Committee Initiatives

The following New Investigator Committee initiatives have been created to feature outstanding young scientists from across the globe with a passion for cardiovascular research, a tremendous work ethic, and production of quality science and to provide reliable scientific information or advice to New Investigators. Nominate a friend or colleague today!


New Investigator Spotlight

The ISH New Investigator Spotlight features outstanding new researchers from around the world. The goal of the spotlight is to provide an international platform to promote these outstanding scientists, learn about their scientific interests/achievements and to tell their personal story.

To be nominated for the New Investigator Spotlight, candidates must fulfil selection criteria A and B below.

Part A. The nominee should be a PhD student, trainee (postdoctorate/fellow) or within 7 years of the first faculty appointment currently at a facility performing basic, clinical or translational research, or other related research with a primary focus on the field of hypertension and vascular research.

The nominee must be an ISH member, in the category of Research Fellow or Emerging Leader or have a membership pending before nomination. For information on how to become a member of the ISH, click here. 

Part B. Two of three of the following criteria should be met:

  1. History of scholarship activities to support their dedication to hypertension research (e.g. original research, reviews, conference presentations).
  2. Service to the field of hypertension through either: service on ISH committees OR local hypertension related committees OR other activities (e.g. volunteering for May Measurement Month) OR evidence of peer-review of scientific manuscripts in the field of hypertension
  3. Community engagement to increase awareness and education directly related to the field of hypertension OR clinical duties that are directly related to the field of hypertension

 Candidates for the New Investigator Spotlight may be identified through either:

  1. Identified by the New Investigator Committee or another ISH committee.
  2. Nominated by a member of the ISH
  3. Self-nominated

 For self-nominations, please include a letter of support from an ISH member or qualified researcher.

Individuals who are nominated by other members of ISH, or wish to self-nominate, should submit a letter of support and copy of their CV to the ISH New Investigator Committee via the following email address: 



Our Fellows Work

Our Fellows Work was introduced to increase the visibility of the scientific work and findings of new investigators and trainees globally. With this initiative, we provide a platform to increase the reach of our members recent work to help them develop collaborations and strengthen their scientific networks.

ISH members in the Emerging Leaders or Research Fellows categories are encouraged to nominate their recent best original research by contacting the Secretariat. If eligible, this can then be highlighted on the ISH website and social media platforms.

Please note the following nomination criteria:

  • The nominee should be an ISH member (Emerging Leader or Research Fellow) and be listed as either first, second or lead author on the nominated publication or conference abstract.
  • The nominated publication/conference abstract should have been conducted in the last two years.
  • The nominated publication should be original research and related to the field of hypertension and associated comorbidities and can cover basic, translational, clinical and population health research.

Nominees will be required to submit answers to a few short questions describing the findings from their recent work and are strongly encouraged to provide a short video.

The nominations will be reviewed by members of the NIC committee and selected nominees will be advised by email when their work is published online.

To nominate yourself, a friend, or colleague to be highlighted in a future Our Fellows Work feature - please email the ISH Secretariat:


Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom is a brand-new initiative of the ISH New Investigator Committee. The purpose of Words of Wisdom is to provide reliable scientific information or advice to New Investigators. Columns in Words of Wisdom will alternate between focused scientific columns on various topics and general advice related to careers, collaborating and much more.

Some columns for Words of Wisdom will be written by members of the ISH, including both New Investigators and established, senior researchers that are ISH members in the Emerging Leader or Professional categories.

If there is a researcher that you would like to nominate to write a column for Words of Wisdom please email the ISH Secretariat: with their name and the topic that you would like them to write about. The ISH New Investigator Committee will also nominate individuals to write columns for Words of Wisdom. Self-nominations will not be accepted.



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