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ISH NIC Spotlight Celebrates Third Year

The ISH New Investigator Spotlight was created in 2011 with the backing and support of the 1st New Investigator Committee (NIC) Chair, Professor Bo Carlberg and ISH President 2010-2012 - Professor Stephen Harrap, with the mission of providing new scientists an opportunity to display their personal and professional qualities for greater visibility on ISH’s revamped website.

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The program has expanded under the current great leadership of Dr. Maciej Tomaszewski (Chair, ISH NIC 2012 to date) to include monthly spotlights from various disciplines, spanning from lab scientists to medical residents. These outstanding scientists, from across the globe, share several important qualities: a passion for cardiovascular research, a tremendous work ethic, and production of quality science.


Pictures of those featured in spotlightThe monthly “Spotlight” is selected based on their scientific achievements and involvement with ISH NIC. Most of our recent Spotlights included individuals who have attended and received recognition at the annual ISH NIC symposium. Members of the Society who are in the early stages of their career (such as graduate students, postdoctoral research fellows or junior faculty members) are encouraged to submit an application for consideration. The applicants are provided with a tailored questionnaire to help highlight their science and future goals. Since its creation, over 25 new profiles have been published, offering a great opportunity for these enthusiastic investigators to connect to the world of hypertension research.     

An internal survey was conducted in November of 2014 to study the satisfaction of our Spotlights.

  • The majority concluded that our process brings “exposure to social media which is assisting with their research visibility and professional development.
  • The majority felt that they were likely to recommend the New Investigator Network to a colleague.
  • When asked about their mentor’s response, the majority responded, “the mentor felt very proud” and that “the exposure brought about important visibility to their research group”. 

Some of the other comments that we felt very proud of are:

  • I find it fascinating to get to know different young researchers, and discover how diverse our Society is
  • The kind of investigators in membership and attending the symposia are diverse and new in the field
  • The keynote address this year was particularly inspiring. Also, the relaxed nature of the entire symposium was a pleasure to be a part of”.

From our featured scientist, we have learned valuable lessons. For instance, our November 2014 Spotlight, Mr. McCarthy, who’s research is focused on vascular function and innate immune system in hypertension, under the mentorship of Dr. Clinton Webb (Chair, Department of Physiology, Georgia Regents University), advises all scientists to “keep your eyes peeled for the implicit lessons in science and life; sometimes they’re just as valuable as the explicit ones”. These, amongst other truthful recommendations, have helped our ISH NIC community to foster new relationships between researchers across the globe.

Dr. Veerabhadrappa (Lead, ISH NIC Recruitment Working Group), whose research is focused on vascular inflammatory biomarkers in hypertensive subjects, notes “the growing interests of our new investigators in joining our initiatives, including the monthly spotlight, is positive for the field of hypertension research. ISH NIC is devoted to helping new scientists feel supported and appreciated”.

These are some quotes from our most recent Spotlights:

  • My long-term career goal is to establish myself as an independent career researcher in the hypertension research field”. Dr Lucinda Hilliard – Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Physiology at Monash University
  • “It is our mission to conduct dynamic and focused research regarding cardiovascular diseases in various ethnic populations of South Africa in order to have a significant understanding regarding the development of hypertension and cardiovascular disease.” Dr. Carina Mels, Senior Lecturer, Hypertension in Africa Research Team
  • “My proudest moment was when I received pre-doctoral funding through NIH/NINR.” Christina Pettey, Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

As we continue to recruit exceptional new investigators to lead our New Investigator Spotlight initiative, we hope to expand our mission to include individuals from all scientific disciplines. Stay tuned for 2015’s unique lineup.

ISonja NikolicSH Spotlight Testimonial  - Sonja Nikolic,  Hobart, Tasmania, Australia     "ISH/NIN Spotlight is a great initiative of the ISH to create a platform for emerging investigators like me where I could learn about other researchers, their projects and progress at this early career stage. I was particularly honored to be selected as the September 2013 Spotlight of the Month and be able to introduce myself to other investigators. I was complimented by my supervisors and other researchers at the Menzies Institute for Medical Research, and it was extremely satisfying to see that my Spotlight profile attracted a lot of attention from other investigators in my research area. I look forward to contributing more to ISH/NIN initiative in the future, as it has provided me a great experience and I am very thankful for this valuable opportunity." 


Fady Hannah-Shmouni, MD

Internal Medicine, Yale-New Haven Hospital

Lead, ISH New Investigator Spotlight 


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