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ISH Milan Mentorship and Networking Event

An ISH Mentorship and Networking event was held on 17 June in Milan, Italy at the time of the European Society of Hypertension (ESH) Annual Meeting. The event was truly international with over 80 participants - distinguished guests, ISH council members, senior faculty and junior investigators - from 28 countries.

Milan 2017 networking event

This event offered young investigators the chance to interact and network with their peers and more senior ISH members.

Of note: This event was organised by the ISH New Investigator and ISH Mentorship & Training Committees. See. for further information on Society inititiaves for new investigators.

At the event, the ISH was pleased to announce that funding for the Inaugural ISH Mentorship Scholar Award has been awarded to three projects in Mongolia, Nigeria and Sudan.




ISH Mentorship and Networking events will take place during the Asian Pacific Society of Hypertension Meeting (APCH Meeting) in Singapore in October 2017 and the ISH September 2018 Beijing Meeting).

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