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ISH 2014 Award and Prize Recipients

We would like to congratulate the 2014 ISH Award and Prize winners.

Franz Volhard Award and Lectureship for Outstanding Research

This award and lectureship was endowed by Farbwerke Hoechst in 1972 to commemorate the centenary of the birth of Franz Volhard. The award shall be made at Hypertension Sydney 2012 to a person or persons who, in the opinion of the ISH Awards Committee of the ISH, shall have initiated in the field of hypertension or in a related discipline, a concept which remains of current interest.

Recipient: Toshiro Fujita, University of Tokyo School of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan


ISH Robert Tigerstedt Lifetime Achievement Award

This award was originally endowed by Merck Sharp & Dohme International in 1974. The award is presented biennially, on the recommendation of the ISH Awards Committee to a person, persons or institution responsible for distinguished work relating to the aetiology, epidemiology, pathology or treatment of high blood pressure. The achievements of the recipient should reflect distinguished contributions in research, teaching or clinical activities relating to the aetiology, epidemiology, pathology or treatment of high blood pressure and successful mentorship of younger colleagues.

Recipient: John Funder, University of Melbourne, Australia


AstraZeneca Award

The award was endowed by Astra Pharmaceuticals AB in 1979. It is presented on the recommendation of the Awards Committee of the ISH to a distinguished investigator responsible for outstanding work related to clinical pharmacology and therapy of arterial hypertension. AstraZeneca has provided a sponsorship grant towards this independent Programme

Recipient: George Bakris, University of Chicago, USA


ISH Developing World Award

This award is for a researcher or researchers in the developing world* who has done outstanding work in the region.
(*based on the resource poor countries, zones and territories defined by HINARI)

Recipient: Yakoob Seedat, Nelson R Mandela School of Medicine, University of Kwa Zulu Natal, Durban, South Africa


ISH Paul Korner Award supported by the High Blood Pressure Research Foundation

This award was endowed by the High Blood Pressure Research Foundation in 2013 to honour the late Paul Kroner, an internationally renowned expert in the field of hypertension with a special interest in the neuroscience of blood pressure.  The award is presented to a person who has demonstrated outstanding contributions to research on hypertension in the broad field of neuroscience.

Recipient: Geoff Head, Baker IDI Heart & Diabetes Institute, Melbourne, Australia


Austin Doyle Award supported by Servier Australia

This award was endowed by Servier Australia to mark the contribution of Austin Doyle, Past‑President of the ISH and Founding Chairman of the High Blood Pressure Research Council of Australia. It is awarded to a graduate, who is within 5 years of post-graduate qualification.

Recipient: Vikas Kapil, Queen Mary University of London, London, UK


Distinguished Membership Award

Members who have given outstanding service to the ISH and have made unusually distinguished contributions to experimental and clinical research in hypertension may be nominated to be distinguished Members of the Society.

Recipient:  John E Hall, University of Mississippi Medical Center, USA


Honorary Membership Awards

Individuals who have not been Regular Members of the Society but have made extraordinary contributions to the Society, in providing long and continuous support of research or of the other activities of the Society, may be nominated to be Honorary Members.


Dr Stuart Spencer, The Lancet, UK              

Dr Jane Reckelhoff, Billy S. Guyton Distinguished Professor of Physiology and Biophysics Director, Women's Health Research Center , University of Mississippi


ISH New Investigator Oral Presentation Awards, supported by Daiichi-Sankyo

These awards were established in 2012 to encourage New Investigators and recognise excellence in scientific contribution at the ISH Biennial Scientific Meetings and will be awarded to New Investigators judged from a group of finalists to have given the best oral presentations.

Winner:  Lucinda Hilliard (Australia)

Runner Up: Muhammad Oneeb Rehman Mian (Canada)


ISH New Investigator Poster Presentation Awards, supported by Daiichi-Sankyo, Clinical Science, Hypertension Research and the Journal of Human Hypertension


Winner:            Silvia Monticone (Italy)

Runner Up:       Katrina Mirabito (Australia)



Winner:             Aurélien Lorthioir (France)

Runner Up:       Maria Gosk (Poland)



Winner:            Nicolas Verheyen (Austria)

Runner Up:       Yi Zhang and co-author Chenhui Tai (China)


ISH International Forum Poster Prizes

ISH International Forum Poster Prizes will be in Basic science (supported by ISH and Clinical Science), Clinical science (supported by Daiichi-Sankyo) and Population science.


African Region:           

  • Basic science: Ruan Kruger (South Africa)

Asia & Australasia Region:

  • Basic science: Jagriti Bhatia (India)  
  • Population science: Hiroyuki Takase (Japan)
  • Clinical science: Jin-Ok Jeong (South Korea)   

Central and South American Region:

  • Basic science: M. Costa (Argentina)*                                                     
  • Population science: José Boggia (Uruguay)
  • Clinical science: Brunella Mendonça Chinem and colleagues: Ana Luiza Lima Sousa, P.B. Jardim, A. Arantes, R.R. Bernades, A. Souza, M. A. Barbosa, L.F. Portilho. T. S. Jardim, G.C. Guimarães- Filho (Brazil)                               

Eastern Europe & Middle East Region:

  • Basic science: A. Sydorchuk (Ukraine)
  • Clinical Science: Elena Ardeleanu (Romania)
  • Population science: Valeria Regecová (Slovac Republic)

Western Europe and North American Region:

  • Basic science: Mohammad Newaz (USA)
  • Clinical science: Christos Chatzikyrkou (Germany)
  • Population science: Stamatis Efstathiou and colleagues: Irini Skeva, E. Zorbala, E. Georgiou, T. Mountokalakis I. Skeva (Greece)

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