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ADVERT: Glasgow BHF Centre of Excellence is recruiting

3 year funded PhD position for a Clinical Research Fellow working on a project in translational vascular research, aimed at integrating basic and clinical science.

- Vacancy Reference: M00633
- Closing date: 11 October 2015

Clinical Research Fellow, Glasgow BHF Centre of Excellence, UK

Reference Number: M00633

Location: Gilmorehill Campus / Main Building

College / Service: COLLEGE OF MVLS


Job Family: Clinical

Position Type: Full Time

Salary Range: £32,156 - £56,875

Job Purpose

This appointment is a 3 year funded PhD position for a Clinical Research Fellow working on a project in translational vascular research, aimed at integrating basic and clinical science.  The Clinical Research Fellow will also undertake a PhD focussing on research related to vascular biology in health and disease which will be funded by the BHF Excellence Award in Vascular Science and Medicine. The successful applicant will have the opportunity to work with outstanding researchers in vascular biology and medicine.

Main Duties and Responsibilities


1. Plan, design and execute projects or parts of projects, in conjunction with collaborators as appropriate.

2. Write and submit applications for Ethics and Research Management approval, as appropriate and in conjunction with PIs.

3. Manage data handling and interpretation of research results and take the lead in writing papers for publication in appropriate peer-reviewed journals.

4. Undertake clinical work under an NHS honorary contract as detailed.

5. Prepare research report and submit at least one manuscript of material for publication in a peer reviewed journal. 

6. Collaborate with colleagues and participate in team meetings/discussions and Institute research group activities. 

7. Present work at internal and external seminars and national conferences to enhance the profile of the research group.

8. Keep up to date with recent literature and advances in the field.

9. Participate in the drafting of applications as required.



Suitably qualified candidates may undertake limited clinical duties if these are agreed with their supervisor. An honorary contract will be sought with the relevant NHS organisation at an appropriate career/training level. These duties must be limited e.g. constitute one session per week in a relevant discipline such as cardiology, nephrology, diabetes, stroke medicine, endocrinology.



Support for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching activities within the Institute may be required, but will not form a major component of the post.



Support all necessary administrative activities associated with the project.  This will include maintenance of necessary documentation for funding and regulatory authorities.


Knowledge, Qualifications, Skills and Experience

Knowledge & Qualifications


A1 MBChB or equivalent Medical Degree

A2 Clinically qualified with a recognised medical degree.



B1 Motivation to commence research leading to a future higher degree.

B2  Completed MRCP or equivalent.

B3 Desire to maintain some limited clinical practice on an honorary basis in the NHS during the 3 year fellowship




C1 Ability to contribute significantly to a defined project & develop research potential.

C2 Evidence of organisational and communication skills (both written and oral).

C3 Leadership qualities.

C4 Able to relate well with patients and other members of health care team.

C5 Potential for good international research profile.

C6 Ability to deliver teaching 

C7 Appropriate IT skills



D1 Ability to work as a team member

D2 Proactive and efficient administrative ability




E1 Clinical experience in medicine or related specialities following completion of FY2 or equivalent

E2 Evidence of satisfactory career progression.

E3 Experience of presenting research work

E4 Successful record of writing and publishing work.

E5 Potential for a good international research profile.

E6 Evidence of interest in research.



F1 Evidence of participation in audit activities.

F2 Experience in delivering clinical care in vascular pathology.


Job Features

You will become involved closely in the academic activities of the Institute of Cardiovascular & Medical Sciences (ICAMS) and will undertake an agreed programme of research leading to a future higher degree (PhD) as part of the BHF Excellence Award.

The successful applicant will be expected to participate in educational activities on a local and national basis and to further their education through attendance at meetings and courses held both locally and nationally.


Decision Making

Prioritise own work.

Experimental design.

Decide on choice of journal for publication of research and conferences to attend.


Internal/External Relationships



Clinical colleagues & patients

Head of Institute for exchanging information, research strategy, learning and teaching strategy.

Staff/Research students to advise and motivate.

Academic support services for appropriate advice and for exchanging information.

Student support services, to exchange information, refer/support students.



Maintain links with key research players, nationally and internationally in the development of subject specialism through range of appropriate academic settings including professional bodies

Grant funding bodies (income generation)

Journals (publishing)


Problem Solving

Act as first point of contact for problems/enquiries from students involved with area of teaching/research.

Assist postgraduate students with problems relating to research.


Standard Terms & Conditions

Salary will be on the Clinical scale £32,156 - £56,875 per annum. 


The post will carry an additional entitlement depending on "on-call" responsibilities. This banding payment is paid under a separate arrangement with the NHS for which the University acts as paymaster only.

This is a fixed term (up to 3 years). This post is justifiably fixed-term, as a training post, under the Fixed-term Employees (prevention of Less Favourable Treatment) Regulations 2002 and will end within 6 months of the completion of specialist training.

The successful applicants (if aged under 60) will be eligible to join the Universities’ Superannuation Scheme. Further information regarding the scheme is available for the Superannuation Officer, who is also prepared to advise on questions relating to the transfer of Superannuation benefits.

All research and related activities, including grants, donations, clinical trials, contract research, consultancy and commercialisation are required to be managed through the University’s relevant processes (e.g. contractual and financial), in accordance with the University Court’s policies.

Disclosure Scotland
The post for which you are applying is considered to be a hold care position in terms of The Protection of Children (Scotland) Act 2003. It requires the successful applicant to undergo a satisfactory Disclosure check through Disclosure Scotland prior to appointment. This check is necessary to ensure that the University of Glasgow fulfils its legal duties under the Act.

If you are successful in your application, the offer of employment will be subject to a satisfactory Enhanced Disclosure Report. The University will make a Disclosure application to Disclosure Scotland which will reveal any past criminal convictions (spent or unspent) or inclusion on the Disqualified From Working with Children List. Any non-conviction information held locally by the police may also be disclosed should this be considered relevant to the position.

Please note it is a criminal offence to apply for a childcare position if you are on the Disqualified From Working with Children List.

Vacancy Reference: M00633 closing date: 11 October 2015


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