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Mentorship Scheme

The ISH Mentorship Scheme is an exciting scheme designed to bring together New Investigators (students and hypertension researchers who are within 10 years of a doctoral degree) and more experienced investigators.

The Scheme is an initiative of the ISH New Investigator Committee (NIC) and the Programme is restricted to the ISH Community (Regular Members and Research Fellows).

The objectives of this programme are:

  1. to reach out to Early Career members of the ISH and help these young clinicians and scientists develop their professional careers;
  2. to promote the highest possible quality of science and practice in cardiovascular disease and hypertension throughout the world by enriching the scientific base of junior scientists and clinicians;
  3. to facilitate and increase international collaboration in basic and clinical research in cardiovascular disease;
  4. to introduce bright younger investigators to established labs;
  5. to enhance the educational, social and personal growth of new investigators through a supportive relationship with their mentor;
  6. to add value to membership of the ISH; and
  7. to increase the involvement of clinicians and scientists in the ISH.

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Mentor / mentee matching

Each mentor will be assigned only one mentee at a time. The mentors and mentees will drive the duration of mentorship.


Once links are established via the ISH NIC, interactions can be electronic or in person or at the time of conferences (such as the ISH Biennial Scientific Meetings). Conference mentorships will offer possibilities for those new investigators presenting their work for the first time to shadow a senior person.

We ask the mentee and mentor to complete a survey after the match to help the ISH NIC determine how successful this has been.

We encourage the mentees:

  • To send an up-to-date curriculum vitae including publications to their assigned mentor
  • To research the mentor’s expertise in preparation
  • Not to forget to have fun! This is a great opportunity to learn from a friendly leader in the field of hypertension.

How to become involved

Established Investigators:


If you would like to become a mentor, please fill in this form (it will take you less than 5 min)


New Investigators:


If you are looking for a mentor, let us help you! Please fill in this form (it will take you less than 10 min)


Click here to view a useful recommended publication on mentorship.

Click here to view Nature Mentoring, an online resource offering advice and support to scientist mentors and their mentees.

If you are not yet an ISH member (Professional Member or Research Fellow), but would like to become involved with this scheme, please click here for further information on how to join the Society.

Alternatively, please contact the ISH Secretariat from our contact page

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