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Athens 2014
Mentorship Event

The scheme was re-launched during an event on Friday, 13th June on the rooftop of the Divani Caravel Hotel, overlooking Athens (at the time of the Hypertension Athens – Joint ISH-ESH Scientific Meeting). Here new mentees and mentors (listed below) connected over wine and dinner.

11 mentor and mentee matches were made at this event, find out what these people have to say about the ISH Mentorship Scheme.

  • Athens - Symosia

    ISH NIC Members and Working Group members

  • Professor Rhian Touyz, ISH President & Dr Maciej Tomaszewski

    Left to right: Professor Rhian Touyz, ISH President & Dr Maciej Tomaszewski, Chair – ISH NIC

  • Fadi Charchar

    At the event Professor Fadi Charchar (Lead, ISH NIC Mentorship and Networking Working Group) stressed on the importance of collaboration between young scientists and the various opportunities that exist through the ISH New Investigator Committee (NIC).

    Professor Fadi Charchar said: 'The scheme provides a unique platform for young investigators to excel in their field of scientific work, make new friends, build research networks and establish collaborations that can last a lifetime.'

June 2014 Mentors & Mentees

  • Louise Burrell- Mentor


    Professor Louise Burrell
    Melbourne, Australia

    Cesar Romero - Mentee


    Dr. Cesar Romero
    Cordoba, Argentina

  • Stephen Harrap & Junhua Zhou

    Mentor: Professor Stephen Harrap Melbourne, Australia

    Stephen Harrap: 'The ISH Mentorship Scheme is a fabulous opportunity for senior members of the ISH to share their wisdom and contacts to help the next generation to become the leaders of tomorrow. I was delighted to meet my mentee Junhua Zhou in Athens this year. She is a very bright PhD student with a great future doing some terrific work in Cambridge with Morris Brown. I was pleased to be able to introduce her to some of the leaders in Hypertension in China, who will be able to provide authoritative advice about the directions of blood pressure research in China and her potential to play an important role in the tremendous Chinese contribution. We keep in contact and I’ll be watching her successes unfold.'

    Mentee: Dr. Junhua Zhou Cambridge, UK

    Junhua Zhou (3rd year PhD student working in the laboratory of Profess Morris J. Brown, Cambridge) said: 'I really want to say a big thank you to the NIC for selecting me as a mentee and introducing such a nice mentor to me! Thanks a lot for all your hard work!'

  • Krasimira Hristova - Mentor


    Dr. Krasimira Hristova
    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Penny Veloudi - Mentee


    Dr. Penny Veloudi
    Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

    Dr. Krasimira Hristova - Mentor 'I congratulate the ISH NIC for organising this scheme which allows so many young people to collaborate with experts in their field.'

  • Yoshihiro Kokubo - Mentor


    Professor Yoshihiro Kokubo
    Suita, Japan

    Vanja Ivković - Mentee


    Dr. Vanja Ivković
    Zagreb, Croatia

  • Dragan Lovic - Mentor


    Professor Dragan Lovic
    Niska Banja, Serbia

    Panagiotis Georgianos - Mentee


    Dr. Panagiotis Georgianos
    Thessaloniki, Greece

  • Krzysztof Narkiewicz - Mentor


    Professor Krzysztof Narkiewicz
    Gdansk, Poland

    Pablo Kempny - Mentee


    Dr. Pablo Kempny
    Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Daniel Piskorz - Mentor


    Professor Daniel Piskorz
    Rosario, Argentina

    Priscilla Prestes - Mentee


    Dr. Priscilla Prestes
    Ballarat, Australia

    Professor Daniel Piskorz - Mentor ‘It was a great honour for me to be invited to become an ISH New Investigator Committee Mentor and help in this very important initiative which I believe will help to promote the highest possible quality of science and practice in cardiovascular disease and hypertension throughout the world.’

    Dr. Priscilla Prestes - Mentee ‘My mentor works in a more clinical context while I am involved in a basic science field. Our match diversifies our interaction and enriches our exchange.’

  • Dorairaj Prabhakaran/Members


    Professor Dorairaj Prabhakaran
    New Delhi, India

    Axel Carlsson - Mentee


    Dr. Axel Carlsson
    Huddinge, Sweden

  • Agustin Ramirez/Members


    Professor Agustin Ramirez
    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Muhammad Oneeb Mian - Mentee


    Dr. Muhammad Oneeb Mian
    Montreal, Canada

  • George Stergiou - Mentor


    Professor George Stergiou
    Athens, Greece

    Katrina Mirabito - Mentee


    Dr. Katrina Mirabito
    Malvern East, Australia

  • Michael Weber - Mentor


    Dr. Michael Weber
    New York, USA

    Rana El Bikai - Mentee


    Dr. Rana El Bikai
    Montreal, Canada

    Dr. Rana El Bikai - Mentee ‘The quality of the match was excellent.’

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