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New Investigator Network
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Welcome to The New Investigator Network

The ISH New Investigator Network (ISHNIN) has been established to serve as a platform for interaction between students and new investigators to allow new avenues for communication, collaboration and education. This network contributes to an ISH social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

Joining the ISH allows you to gain enhanced benefits from the network. All new scientists within the Society will be provided with opportunities to interact and build relationships, as well as to gain experience and exposure within the society as they start their scientific careers. Numerous initiatives are aimed at fostering relationships between researchers across the globe and include web and video casts, a quarterly newsletter, and a mentorship scheme. Moreover, annual meeting programmes are held. These are organised, executed, adjudicated, and moderated by new scientists within the ISH.

If you are not already a member of the Society, why not join now?

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