International Society of Hypertension

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The International Society of Hypertension is the premier global body dedicated to research, education and clinical excellence in blood pressure and related cardiovascular disease.

Become a member and make a difference.

ISH Membership

The society welcomes applications from trainees, junior and established scientists, clinicians, health care providers and allied health care workers, all with a common interest in hypertension research.

Different membership categories are offered for those at varying stages of their careers. These include Professional Members, Emerging Leaders, Research Fellows and Emeritus Fellows (detailed below).

A key goal of the Society is to aid Research Fellows to progress through membership to Emerging Leaders and eventually to Professional Members.

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Professional Members

Professional Membership is open to individuals who have accomplished meritorious original investigation in the field of hypertension or related topics and / or those who have made demonstrable contributions to hypertension via clinical involvement and who are interested in promoting the objects of the Society.

Reduced membership fees may be available for new Professional Members joining the Society who permanently reside and work in certain developing (HINARI) countries as defined by the Executive Committee of the ISH.

Please click here to view a list of eligible HINARI countries. Those residing in South Africa may also be eligible for a reduction in membership fees.


Emerging Leaders

The membership category of Emerging Leaders is designed to accommodate early to mid-career research and clinical scientists (junior faculty members) who have completed their doctoral degree (or other qualifying research degree) and are in the process of establishing themselves as scientists or hypertension experts.

Reduced membership fees are available for Emerging Leaders, although they will enjoy similar benefits to Professional Members. Tenure of this category is limited to three years.

Research Fellows coming to the end of their tenure, and wishing to transition to the Emerging Leaders category, should send an updated CV to membership__AT__ish-world__DOT__com for review by the Membership Committee.


Research Fellows

Research Fellowships are designed for graduate students and postdoctoral research fellows and are entirely free. This is a special opportunity for any new researcher or clinical scientist undertaking a higher degree to enhance their CV.

Tenure of this category is limited to three years and Research Fellows are required to confirm their status annually. Eligible members may be entitled to apply for a further 3 year term, with tenure not exceeding a maximum of 6 years.

Once they have completed their doctoral degree, postdoctoral fellowship or other qualifying research degree and wish to become an Emerging Leader, they are required to provide an up-to-date CV and to apply to the Membership Committee for election of this category.


Emeritus Fellows

A Professional Member who has been a longstanding member of the Society, and who has reached the minimum age of 65 years, may be conferred the status as an Emeritus Fellow upon written request. He/she should have retired from full-time work, and proof of retirement should be provided to the Membership Committee. Such a Fellow will be exempted from annual dues.

Applications for Emeritus Fellowship will be considered by the Membership Committee and recommended to the Executive Committee for approval. Please contact the ISH Secretariat for more information. Email: ish__AT__in-conference__DOT__org__DOT__uk


Health Professional Affiliates

Health Professional Affiliates are designed for healthcare delivery and allied health professionals, such as nurses, pharmacists and dietitians, or community healthcare workers who are actively delivering services in the field of hypertension and associated cardiovascular diseases.

Application Process

Applications for all types of memberships should be completed via the online application submission system and should include a copy of the applicant’s CV including:

  • Academic degrees
  • Qualitifcations
  • Professional positions
  • Current employer
  • Publications related to hypertension or allied fields
  • Scientific activities
  • Awards received - if relevant
  • Membership of any related societies - if relevant

Clinical applicants are not required to submit a list of publications.

You will also be asked for a short cover letter explaining why you wish to become a member of the Society.


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