International Society of Hypertension

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ISH Awards & Prizes

The International Society of Hypertension (ISH) promotes and encourages the advancement of scientific research and knowledge and of its application in all aspects of hypertension and associated cardiovascular diseases. The Society offers a number of awards and lectureships at each Biennial Meeting.

A number of these awards are made possible by the specific and general support of our industry supporters, emphasizing their shared vision for the advancement of knowledge and recognition of achievement. The Society is most grateful for this generous support.

ISH Robert Tigerstedt Lifetime Achievement Award


This award was endowed by Merck Sharp & Dohme International in 1974. The award shall be presented biennially, on the recommendation of the ISH Awards Committee to a person, persons or institution responsible for distinguished work relating to the aetiology, epidemiology, pathology or treatment of high blood pressure.


The achievements of the recipient should reflect distinguished contributions in research, teaching or clinical activities relating to the aetiology, epidemiology, pathology or treatment of high blood pressure and successful mentorship of younger colleagues.


Must be a member of the ISH. Nominations for previous winners of any other senior award are not normally received, but might be considered if there is an outstanding independent case for this award.

Officers of the Scientific Council of the ISH and members of the ISH Awards Committee are not eligible to be nominated. Exceptionally, other members of the ISH Council may be eligible.

Past Winners

  • Tony Heagerty

    2018 Morris Brown

    London, UK

  • Tony Heagerty

    2016 Tony Heagerty

    University of Manchester, USA

  • John Funder

    2014 John Funder

    University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia

  • L LIU 2012

    2012 L LIU

  • J Danser 2010

    2010 J Danser


  • F Luft 2008

    2008 F Luft

  • RP Lifton 2006

    2006 RP Lifton

  • 2004 P Corvol

  • 2002 M Safar

  • 2000 M Esler

  • 1998 JE Hall

  • 1996 G Mancia

  • 1994 Cardiovascular Research Center, Iowa USA F Abboud / G de Bona / D Heistad / A Mark

  • 1992 J de Champlain

  • 1990 P Sleight

  • 1988 A Doyle

  • 1986 YV Postnov / H Losse

  • 1984 AC Guyton

  • 1982 E Murihead

  • 1980 JJ Brown / AF Lever / JIS Robertson

  • 1978 J Bing

  • 1976 Florey Institute

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