International Society of Hypertension

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Our Officers & Committees

The society is comprised of a range of committees. These are charged with various responsibilities, but ultimately with the same aim of ensuring that it continues to grow and strengthen as the world's premiere blood pressure society, whilst ensuring that youth and developing countries are reflected where possible.


The Council is responsible for furthering the aspirations and activities of the ISH, ensuring its efficient running and controlling its property and funds. ISH Council members are also Trustees of the Charity.

The Executive of the Council (Executive Committee) takes a critical role in helping the Council set policies and goals for the Society, and is delegated to act for the Council in the day-to-day activities of the Society, such as providing direction to the ISH Secretariat, of making the necessary arrangements for the next ISH Biennial Scientific and General Meetings and other scientific activities, of overseeing the work of all committees and working parties, and for giving final consideration for all nominations for membership.

Executive of Council

  • Maciej Tomaszewski profile image

    Maciej Tomaszewski President



    My research interests focus primarily on genetics and genomics of cardiovascular disorders with a particular emphasis on essential hypertension and its complications.

    I am also interested in genetic and environmental background of sexual dimorphism in cardiovascular risk (why men develop and die of cardiovascular disorders more frequently than age-matched women).

  • Hiroshi Itoh profile image

    Hiroshi Itoh Vice President


  • Bryan Williams profile image

    Bryan Williams Secretary



    My research currently focuses on clinical studies and physiological aspects of resistant and complex hypertension. I have also had comprehensive experience in leading the development of hypertension guidelines.

  • Fadi Charchar profile image

    Fadi Charchar Treasurer



    My research interests focus on genomics of cardiovascular disease in humans and animal models. I have a special interest in the contribution of the Y chromosome and microRNA to hypertension.

  • Nadia Khan profile image

    Nadia Khan Officer-at-Large



    I am a clinician scientist in epidemiology and health services research. My research area is focused on ethnic and sex differences in hypertension and cardiovascular disease chronic disease management.

  • Alta Schutte profile image

    Alta Schutte Immediate Past President



    As the Theme Lead for Cardiac, Vascular and Metabolic Medicine at the University of New South Wales, and Professorial Fellow at the George Institute for Global Health in Australia, my work focus on the primary and secondary prevention of hypertension and cardiovascular disease across the  life-course, with a particular interest in low resource settings.

  • Dylan Burger profile image

    Dylan Burger Member



    My research focuses on the cellular mechanisms of oxidative stress, inflammation and vascular dysfunction in hypertension. I have a particular interest in the role of microparticles, tiny cellular fragments shed from stressed cells of the vasculature, in hypertension and vascular disease.

  • Yoshihiro Kokubo profile image

    Yoshihiro Kokubo Member



    I am a chief doctor in the National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center, Japan. My specialty is preventive medicine and epidemiology, especially related to hypertension and kidney dysfunction. I contribute to many international societies in variety of capacities and editorial board activities in the areas of hypertension, stroke, and preventive medicine.

  • Myeong-Chan Cho profile image

    Myeong-Chan Cho Member

    South Korea


    As a clinician scientist, I have conducted many translational research projects and my research interest is molecular and genetic mechanisms of hypertension, cardiac hypertrophy and failure. I have conducted the GWAS project to evaluate the genetic influence on blood pressure in Asian people. Several novel gene loci were revealed. Recent research directions include cohort studies and precision medicine for the treatment and prevention of hypertension.

    I am currently working as a principal investigator of a Korean government-sponsored cohort study of elderly hypertensive patients, which will provide important insights into the clinical characteristics, prognosis and blood pressure targets in the elderly hypertensive population of Korea. In collaboration with colleagues in other Asian countries, I would like to conduct basic science and translational clinical research in order to identify novel treatment targets and generate Asian Hypertension Guidelines.

  • Richard Wainford profile image

    Richard Wainford Member



    My research interests are focused on understanding the pathophysiology of hypertension, with particular regard to central neural control of the kidney and the implications of this for long-term blood pressure regulation. As such my research is focused on the areas of: Renal Sodium Handling, Neural Control of Blood Pressure, Salt-Sensitive Hypertension.

  • Ulrike (Muscha) Steckelings profile image

    Ulrike (Muscha) Steckelings Member



    My research interests lie in the protective arm of the renin angiotensin system, in particular the angiotensin AT2-receptor and the receptor MAS, spanning from the basic biology of these receptors over pre-clinical studies to test their therapeutic efficacy in cardiovascular (e.g. heart failure, hypertensive and diabetic end organ damage, stroke) and other diseases to the involvement in the development of AT2-recepor agonists for future clinical use.

Ordinary (Elected) Members of the Council

  • Claudio Borghi profile image

    Claudio Borghi Member



    My main areas of interest are the hypertension and related cardiovascular risk factors and drug therapy of hypertensive disease. In particular I am very interested in the interactions between hypertensive disease and metabolic risk factors paying a special attention to epidemiology, pathophysiology and drug treatment including the options supporting the use of different preventive approaches in patients with complex CV risk profile. I am also involved in the development of a nutraceutical approach to the management of hypertension and related risk factors.

  • Thomas Unger profile image

    Thomas Unger Member



    My research interest has been focused on peptidergig systems, in particular the Renin-Angiotensin system (RAS) and its CNS-related and peripheral role in the pathophysiology of cardiovascular diseases. As a basic and clinical pharmacologist, I have performed numerous pre-clinical studies and participated in clinical trials investigating the therapeutic aspects of modulating the RAS in hypertension and related diseases, and I have contributed to the development of several RAS modulating drugs.

  • Rafael Castillo profile image

    Rafael Castillo Member



    As a senior clinical cardiologist at the Manila Doctor’s Hospital and a pioneering faculty member at the Adventist University College of Medicine, I’m part of a group involved in clinical trials evaluating drug and non-drug interventions in the management of high-risk hypertensive patients with various comorbidities. I’m a past president of the Asian Pacific Society of Hypertension, Philippine Heart Association/Philippine College of Cardiology, Philippine Society of Hypertension; and past chair of the Philippine Specialty Board of Adult Cardiology.

  • Dorairaj Prabhakaran profile image

    Dorairaj Prabhakaran Member



    I am a cardiologist and epidemiologist and currently the Executive Director of Initiative for Cardiovascular Health in Developing Countries (ICHEALTH) and Director Centre of Excellence, Centre for Cardio-metabolic Risk Reduction in South Asia (strategic grant funded by the National Institutes of Health and United Health group) at the Public Health Foundation of India.

  • George Stergiou profile image

    George Stergiou Member



    Research work focused on blood pressure measurement methodology and technology; Diagnostic methods and protocols for hypertension evaluation; Development and evaluation of novel medical technology for blood pressure measurement; Development of validations standards for blood pressure measuring devices; Hypertension diagnosis in children and adolescents.

  • Markus Schlaich profile image

    Markus Schlaich Member



    I am the Dobney Chair in Clinical Research at the University of Western Australia, based at the Royal Perth Hospital. As a clinician-scientist and renal physician I have specific interest in hypertension associated with chronic kidney disease and the role of the sympathetic nervous system in this scenario. My major aim is to translate evidence from mechanistic studies into clinical practice to improve outcomes for patients with hypertension and associated co-morbidities.

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