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Women In Hypertension Spotlight

  • Dr. Sofie Brouwers, MD, PhD.

    Position: Trainee in Cardiology

    Affiliation: UniversitätsSpital Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland



    Read More 03/06/2017

  • Dr. Mansi Patil

    Position: Chapter Secretary, Society of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism

    Affiliation: Asha Kiran Jubilee Hope Centre Hospital, Chinchwad, Pune

    Read More 03/06/2017

  • Dr. Vanda Azevedo

    Position: Cardiologist

    Affiliation: Ministério da Saúde e Segurança Social de Cabo Verde




    Read More 03/06/2017

  • Dr. Hind Mamoun Beheiry

    Position: Dean, Faculty of Nursing Sciences; Physiology Department, Faculty of Medicine; Head of Research Centre Committee for Medical Sciences; International University of Africa (IUA).

    - Treasurer, Scientific and Executive Committee member, Sudanese Society of Hypertension (SSH).
    - Director of Health Sector in Arab Union of Professional Women, Sudan Branch, Arab Economic Unity Council, Arabs League.
    - Assistant Professor of Physiology, International University of Africa (IUA).

    Affiliation: MMBS, MSc and PHD Human Physiology from the University of Khartoum (U of K); Diploma on Research Methodology and Medical Research Ethics jointly from Maryland University USA and Alneelain University Sudan; Master of Medical Education from Gezira University (under process).

    Read More 22/05/2017

  • Dr. Donna K. Arnett, PhD (USA)

    Position: Dean, College of Public Health

    Affiliation: University of Kentucky, USA

    Read More 29/11/2016

  • Professor Amy Brodtmann (Australia)

    Position: Consultant Neurologist, Associate Professor Behavioural Neuroscience

    Affiliation: Austin Health, Florey Institute for Neuroscience and Mental Health, University of Melbourne; Eastern Cognitive Disorders Clinic, Eastern Health, Monash University, Australia

    Read More 30/06/2016

  • Professor Margaret (Mandy) MacLean (UK)

    Position: Professor of Pulmonary Pharmacology

    Affiliation: University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK

    Read More 17/06/2016

  • Professor Karen Sliwa (South Africa)

    Position: Director: Hatter Institute for Cardiovascular Research in Africa, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Cape Town


    1. Hatter Institute for Cardiovascular Research in Africa, University of Cape Town

    2. Department of Medicine, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa

    3. Honorary Baker IDI Fellow, Melbourne, Australia

    Read More 12/06/2016

  • Professor Dulce Elena Casarini (Brazil)

    Position: Professor

    Affiliation: Federal University of São Paulo – Escola Paulista de Medicina – São Paulo – SP Brasil

    Read More 08/06/2016

  • Professor Ibtisam Ahmed Ali (Sudan)

    Position: Consultant Cardiologist – Ahmed Gasim Cardiac Centre 

    * Head Department of Medicine and Cardiology – Faculty of Medicine . International University of  Africa –Khartoum Sudan   
    * Vice President of the Consultative Council of  Cardiology – Federal Ministry of Health 
    * Consultant for the NCD Department –Federal Ministry of Health

    Affiliation: Professor of Medicine and Cardiology

    Read More 12/05/2016

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