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Interesting Articles – Women in Hypertension Research Network

  • Women in Science

    Women under-represented in world’s science academies

    Read More 20/06/2016

  • Women's Careers in STEM - What does it take?

    An article outlining the obstacles young women have to overcome if they aspire to a career in the STEM fields.

    Read More 08/06/2016

  • Gender equality in Switzerland today

  • Women need to be their own greatest champions

    A report from the Baker IDI Perspectives - Women in Science - publication.

    Read More 08/06/2016

  • Short history of the Indonesian Women of Cardiology

    The idea to form a female cardiology club in Indonesia was initially brought forward by our senior female cardiologists; Prof Lily Rilantono, Prof Ganesja Harimurti, Dr Ann Soenarta and Dr Anna Ulfa Rahajoe. But not until 2010 that a chat group was formed, exclusively for Indonesian female cardiologists to get to know each other, expand their networks and generally to discuss anything concerning women's cardiovascular health in general. In this group members also could share and help each other navigating the unique challenges of being a minority in the cardiology field. At that time the number of female cardiologists in Indonesia was still very few.

    Read More 27/05/2016

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The ISH is positively committed to opposing discrimination against people on the grounds of gender, race, colour, nationality, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, class, age, disability, having dependants, HIV status or perceived lifestyle.