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Our Fellows Work webpage has been created to increase the visibility of the scientific work and findings of new investigators and trainees globally. With this initiative we would like to provide a source of information for our Fellows to help them develop collaborations and strengthen their scientific network.

Emerging Leaders and Research Fellows as members of ISH are encouraged to nominate their recent best publication by contacting the Secretariat. This can then be highlighted on the ISH website and social media platforms.

Please note the following nomination criteria:

  • The nominee should be an ISH member (Emerging Leader or Research Fellow) and be listed as either first, second or lead author on the nominated publication
  • The nominated publications should be within the last two years
  • The nominated publication should be related to the field of hypertension and associated comorbidities and can cover basic, translational, clinical and population health research.

Nominees will be required to submit answers to 4 questions describing the findings from their recent work and are encouraged to provide a short video if possible. Examples of previous entries are shown below.

The nominations will be reviewed by members of the NIC committee and selected nominees will be advised by email when their work is published online.

To nominate yourself, a friend, or colleague to be highlighted in a future Our Fellows Work feature - please email Elena Velkoska, c/o of the ISH Secretariat:

  • Climie RED, Picone DS, Sharman JE. Longitudinal changes in excess pressure independently predict declining renal function among healthy individuals - a pilot study. American Journal of Hypertension, 2017;1;30(8):772-775.

    Rachel Climie (France) 

    Read More 13/08/2018

  • Visit-to-visit (long-term) and ambulatory (short-term) blood pressure variability to predict mortality in an elderly hypertensive population

    Chowdhury EK, Wing LMH, Jennings GLR, Beilin LJ, Reid CM, ANBP2 Management Committee.

    Journal of Hypertension, 2018 36(5):1059–1067

    doi: 10.1097/HJH.0000000000001652

    Enayet K. Chowdhury (Australia)

    Read More 30/07/2018

  • Discovery of New Blood Pressure Phenotypes and Relation to Accuracy of Cuff Devices Used in Daily Clinical Practice.

    Picone DS, Schultz MG, Peng X, Black JA, Dwyer N, Roberts-Thomson P, Chen CH, Cheng HM, Pucci G, Wang JG, Sharman JE.

    Hypertension. 2018 Jun;71(6):1239-1247.

    DOI: 10.1161/HYPERTENSIONAHA.117.10696 

    Dean Picone (Australia)

    Read More 27/07/2018

  • Influence of blood pressure level and age on within-visit blood pressure variability in children and adolescents

    Panagiota Veloudi, Christopher L. Blizzard, Velandai K. Srikanth, Martin G. Schultz, James E. Sharman

    Eur J Pediatr. 2018 Feb;177(2):205-210. doi: 10.1007/s00431-017-3049-y.

    Panagiota (Penny) Veloudi (Australia)

    Read More 27/07/2018

  • Chronic kidney disease impairs renal nerve and haemodynamic reflex responses to vagal afferent input through a central mechanism

    Ibrahim M. Salman, Cara M. Hildreth, Jacqueline K. Phillips

    Auton Neurosci. 2017 May;204:65-73. doi: 10.1016/j.autneu.2016.10.001

    Ibrahim M. Salman (USA)


    Read More 27/07/2018

  • A Novel Y-Specific Long Non-Coding RNA Associated with Cellular Lipid Accumulation in HepG2 cells and Atherosclerosis-related Genes

    Elsa Molina, Guat S. Chew, Stephen A. Myers, Elyse M. Clarence, James M. Eales, Maciej Tomaszewski, and Fadi J. Charchar

    Sci Rep. 2017; 7: 16710.

    Elsa Molina (USA)

    Read More 17/07/2018

  • Postpartum increases in cerebral edema and inflammation in response to placental ischemia during pregnancy

    Ahsia M. Clayton, Qingmei Shao, Nina D. Paauw, Ashtin B. Giambrone, Joey P. Granger, Junie P. Warrington

    Brain Behav Immun. 2018, 70:376-389.


    June Paula Warrington (USA)

    Read More 13/06/2018

  • Thymosin β4 Deficiency Exacerbates Renal and Cardiac Injury in Angiotensin-II–Induced Hypertension

    Nitin Kumar, Tang-Dong Liao, Cesar A. Romero, Mani Maheshwari, Edward L. Peterson and Oscar A. Carretero

    Hypertension. 2018 Jun;71(6):1133-1142. doi: 10.1161/HYPERTENSIONAHA.118.10952. Epub 2018 Apr 9. PMID: 29632102

    Nitin Kumar (USA)

    Read More 04/06/2018

  • Continued Investigation Into 17-OHPC: Results from the Preclinical RUPP Rat Model of Preeclampsia

    Lorena M. Amaral, Jessica L. Faulkner, Jamil Elfarra, Denise C. Cornelius, Mark W. Cunningham, Tarek Ibrahim, Venkata Ramana Vaka, Jessica McKenzie, Babbette LaMarca

    Hypertension. 2017; 70: 1250-1255 PMID: 29084881

    Lorena M. Amaral (USA) 

    Read More 25/05/2018

  • Mechanisms responsible for postmenopausal hypertension in a rat model: Roles of the renal sympathetic nervous system and the renin–angiotensin system

    Rodrigo O. Maranon and Jane F. Reckelhoff 

    Physiol Rep. 2016 Jan; 4(2): e12669.

    PMID: 26811052

    Rodrigo O. Maranon (USA)

    Read More 10/05/2018

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