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The Lancet Global Health Publishes MMM17 Results

On this World Hypertension Day, we are delighted to announce that our MMM17 findings were published in The Lancet Global Health journal last night at midnight (UK time).

The Lancet Global Health has an Impact Factor of 17. 686 ranking the journal number one amongst all journals indexed in the Public, Environmental & Occupational Health subject category (2016 Journal Citation ReportsTM, Clarivate Analytics 2017).

Our thanks go to the many people who contributed to MMM17 and made this paper possible.  Some of the highlights include:

1. The largest synchronised screening on a global scale:

MMM is the largest synchronised screening of ANY cardiovascular risk factor.  The fact that raised blood pressure is the biggest risk factor makes this all the more important

2. The largest national synchronised screening in many countries:

The paper covers over 1.2m people screened from 80 countries. We have confirmation that MMM was the largest ever national screen in at least 34 of those countries

3. Increased public awareness:

Over 250,000 of people screened had undiagnosed or inadequately treated hypertension. 

Of these 150000 were hypertensive and weren’t on treatment - almost 1 in 5 of screenees (17%).

These people can now take steps to improve their health

4. Weekly variations:

Blood pressure measurements were found to vary through the week – Saturdays showed the highest readings and Tuesdays showed the lowest

5. Arm variations:

Blood pressure measured on the right arm was found to be greater than blood pressure measured on the left.

Please see the full published paper her for more information:

We are grateful to everyone volunteering during MMM18 to help continue this important work and increase awareness of the issues surrounding raised blood pressure.

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