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Report on World Health Day - 2013 by Prof. dr. Vjekoslav Gerc, President of Working Group on Arterial Hypertension, Bosnia and Herzegovina

As the president of the Working Group on Arterial Hypertension – Bosnia and Herzegovina, I was initiator of a few manifestations in some towns of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the occasion of World Health Day – April 7th, which is dedicated to hypertension. Colleagues from Sarajevo and Mostar were very active during World Health Day.

Assistant prof. dr Kulić,  organized  blood pressure measurements at  a few places in Sarajevo. At the same time, in broadcast on television, dr. Kulić,  explained the  importance and role of early symptoms, diagnoses and medical treatment of hypertension. Again, he emphasized the role of preventable measures by which it's possible to decrease risk of developing high blood pressure, as there's among other things, reducing  consuming  no more than 5 g of sodium chloride. He also emphasized the global aim, set by the World Health Organization, to reduce sodium intake to less than 2000 mg per day (5g of sodium chloride) per person till 2025!  Dr. Kulić, emphasized that high risk patients and everybody within specific groups (persons 51 years of age or older, persons with hypertension, diabetes, or chronic kidney disease) consume no more than 1500 mg sodium per day (3.8 g of sodium chloride).

Prof. dr. M. Hadžiomerović and prof. dr. E. Fazlibegović organized blood pressure mesurement at a few  places in Mostar. Also, they organized Symposium on hypertension and complications caused by untreated hypertension. Symposium was attended by a great number of medical doctors from the whole country.

All those  messages, activities and blood pressure measurement were accepted in affirmative way among citizens in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In that way Working  Group on Arterial Hypertension – Bosnia and Herzegovina contributed to presentation of World Health Day – April 7th, which has been completely dedicated to hypertension this year.

Prof. dr. V. Gerc, 

President  of Working  Group on Arterial Hypertension, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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