International Society of Hypertension

ISH Council and Committee Members 2018-2020

It is a pleasure to introduce the new and ongoing Council members, as well as the Chairs of the Regional Advisory Groups

Officers and Executive Committee Members


Alta Schutte (South Africa)

 Alta Schutte - ISH President 2018-2020

Vice President

Chair, New Investigator and Mentorship Committee

Fadi Charchar (Australia)

 Fadi Charchar


Chair, Scientific Programmes Committee

Thomas Unger (Netherlands)

 Thomas Unger


Chair, Corporate Liaison Committee

Co-Chair North Asia, South-East Asia and Oceania Region

Markus Schlaich (Australia)

 Markus Schlaich

Officer at Large

Chair, Membership Committee

AHA Liaison Officer

Richard Wainford (USA)

 Richard Wainford

Immediate Past President

Chair, International Forum

May Measurement Month Lead

Neil Poulter (UK)

 Neil Poulter

Chair, Women in Hypertension Committee

Ulrike (Muscha) Steckelings (Denmark)

 Ulrike Steckelings

Chair, Communications Committee

Deputy Editor Hypertension News

Dylan Burger (Canada)

 Dylan Burger

Chair, Research, Science and Education Committee (RSE)

Claudio Borghi (Italy)

 Claudio Borghi


Ordinary (Elected) Council Members

Rafael Castillo (The Philippines) Rafael Castillo
Myeong-Chan Cho (South Korea)  Myeong-Chan Cho
Sadayoshi Ito (Japan)  Sadayoshi Itoh
Hiroshi Itoh (Japan)  Sadayoshi Itoh
Nadia Khan (Canada)  Nadia Khan
Yoshihiro Kokubo (Japan)  Yoshihiro Kokubo
Dorairaj Prabhakaran (India)  Dorairaj Prabhakaran
Agustin Ramirez (Argentina)  Agustin Ramirez
Maciej Tomaszewski (UK)  Maciej Tomaszewski

Chair, Awards Committee

George Stergiou (Greece)

 George Stergiou

Bryan Williams (UK)

 Bryan Williams


Ex-Officio Members of the Council

Chair, Board of Management of the Journal of Hypertension

Lew Landsberg (USA)

 Lewis Landsberg

Editor, Hypertension News

Lars Lindholm (Sweden)

 Lars Lindholm

WHL Representative

Dan Lackland (USA)

 Dan Lackland

APSH Representative

Trefor Morgan (Australia)

 Trefor Morgan

ESH Representative

Enrico Agabiti-Rosei (Italy)

 Enrico Agabiti-Rosei


Regional Advisory Group Chairs


Albertino Damasceno (Mozambique)

 Albertino Damasceno


Agustin Ramirez (Argentina) Central and South - Co-Chair





Nadia Khan (Canada) North - Co-Chair

 Agustin Ramirez

 Nadia Khan


Peter Nilsson (Sweden)

 Peter Nilsson

North Asia, South-East Asia and Oceania

Yoshihiro Kokubo (Japan) - Co-Chair




Markus Schlaich (Australia) - Co-Chair

 Yoshihiro Kokubo

 Markus Schlaich

South and West Asia and The Middle East 

Dorairaj Prabhakaran (India)

 Dorairaj Prabhakaran


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