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From the ISH President 2018-2020 – Alta Schutte

I am delighted to begin my tenure as President of the International Society of Hypertension (ISH) and am greatly looking forward to working with the leadership in taking our Society forward over the next two years.

It is a pleasure to introduce the new and ongoing Council members, as well as the Chairs of the Regional Advisory Groups.

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Alta Schutte - ISH President 2018-2020

In serving the Global ISH Community within my 2-year term as ISH President I wish to focus on aspects central to the Society’s main objectives, namely the advancement of scientific research and knowledge and the application of knowledge:

(1) With the ISH Leadership, develop Worldwide Hypertension Guidelines including specific attention to special regions and populations (to avoid current confusion in many countries after the release of the AHA/ACC 2017 and ESC/ESH 2018 Guidelines)

(2 a) To broaden the global footprint of the Society by incorporating a new category of membership, namely the Health Professional Affiliate (involving nurses, pharmacists, community health workers, and other allied health workers in the Society).

(2 b) To promote several global certification courses for hypertension management especially those developed for Health Professional Affiliates.

(3) To optimise the overall function of all Society Committee structures ensuring continuous active engagements with Committee Chairs, which should lead to a more active Council membership – thereby strengthening all Society activities.

(4) To continue driving ongoing excellent ISH initiatives, such as May Measurement Month 2019, our New Investigator activities and engagement with Women in Hypertension to increase the representation of women in the ISH Community.

I am grateful to the immediate Past President Neil Poulter and his leadership team for passing on a Society with a strong trajectory of growth and excellence. Working together with the outstanding and energetic new ISH Executive and Council committees, with truly global representation, I look forward very much to an exciting and productive two years ahead.

Highlights to look forward to are the ISH Scientific Meetings in Glasgow 2020 (joint with the European Society of Hypertension) and Kyoto in 2022 (joint with the Asian Pacific Society of Hypertension). Please plan on attending these meetings and bring along your best research in hypertension as well as your colleagues and trainees. Also, the regular outstanding ISH newsletter (Hypertension News) will provide you with up-to-date global hypertension-related activities and will keep you connected to colleagues.

Your leadership represents you, so if you have any comments, concerns or suggestions, please pass these onto us through the ISH Secretariat (email


Alta Schutte
President, ISH (2018-2020)

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