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Camilla Ferreira Wenceslau interview - April New Investigator of the month

Join us in congratulating our April 2017 ISH New Investigator of the month, Camilla Ferreira Wenceslau, Research Scientist in Cardiovascular Physiology at Augusta University, Augusta, Georgia

Camilla Ferreira Wenceslau from Brazil is currently a research scientist at Augusta University, Georgia, USA in the laboratory of R. Clinton Webb. She is the principal researcher for 'Intrarenal arteries sense trauma-derived mitochondrial N-formyl peptides leading to kidney injury in SIRS” which aims to understand the mechanisms associated with vascular damage and acute kidney injury following trauma. 

She is also investigating "Formyl peptide receptor blockade ameliorates intrarenal resistance artery function and decreases blood pressure in spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHRs)” the goal of which is to understand the cellular mechanisms that lead to the damage of intrarenal arteries via FPR activation, and subsequently, kidney injury and hypertension.


Read the full interview with Camilla Ferreira Wenceslau.

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