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International Society of Hypertension

2nd ISH New Investigators' Symposium (29th September, University of Sydney)

The Sydney Symposium was a resounding success. 19 awards were presented on this occasion.

The New Investigator Committee would like to congratulate the following award winners .

Oral Presentation Awards

1.    Stephen Harrap Inaugural Award                      Melissa Tjongue (Melbourne, Australia) 

2.    Stuart Spencer Award                                      Lisa Bloomer (Leicester, UK)

3.    Best Collaborative Study Award                        Sofie Brouwers (Vilvoorde, Belgium)

4.    Most Engaging Oral Presentation Award            Daniel Chaston (Canberra, Australia)

5.    Most Engaging Oral Presentation Award            Matthew Pase (Hawthorn, Australia)

6.   Most Ground Breaking Study Award                   Francine Marques (Ballarat, Australia)

7.    NIN Committee Award                                     Yi Ting Ong (Singapore)

8.    Promising Investigator Award                          Teba Alnima (Maastricht, Netherlands)

9.    Promising Investigator Award                           Matthijs Compeer (Maastricht, Netherlands)

Poster Presentation Awards

1.    Best Presented Poster Award                          Richard Wainford (Boston, USA)

2.    Best Presented Poster Award                          A. Puzserova (Bratislava, Slovakia)

3.    Best Presented Poster Award                          Divya Sarma Kandukuri  (Sydney, Australia)

4.    Most Creative Poster Award                            Susan Morton (Canberra, Australia)

5.    Most Creative Poster Award                            Katrina Mirabita (Clayton, Australia)

6.    Most Creative Poster Award                            Daigoro Hirohama (Tokyo, Japan)

7.    Most Ground Breaking Study Award                Rana El Bikai (Montreal, Canada)

8.    Most Innovative Study Award                           Warrick Chilton (Ballarat, Australia)

9.    Most Innovative Study Award                           Bart Heijnen (Maastricht, Netherlands)

10.  Most Innovative Study Award                           Chikako Nakama (Osaka, Japan)