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2nd APSH/ISH Summer School

A report on the second APSH/ISH Summer School, held on July 31-August 4 2017 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Shanghai, China

 The second APSH/ISH Summer School was held from July 31 to August 4 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Shanghai, China.

It was attended by 27 scholars, 12 Faculty and appropriate support staff. Scholars came from China, Australia, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam. The Dean of the Summer School was Trefor Morgan. The Convener and local organizer (including funding) was Jiguang Wang. The International faculty members supported by ISH were Ernesto Schiffrin (Canada) and Garry Jennings (Australia). The New Investigator Committee of ISH was represented by Akira Nishiyama (Japan). The Member societies of APSH provided the following Faculty members: Markus Schlaich (Australia), Narsingh Verma (India), Arieska Ann Soenarta (Indonesia) and Hiroshi Itoh (Japan). China provided 3 Faculty Members: Zhaosu Wu, Yuqing Zhang and Zhiming Zhu.


The Summer School is an interactive event, with presentations by scholars interspersed by interactive discussion and update lectures by the Faculty. These were held from 08.30 to 17.30 with an hour for lunch. Wednesday was a half day, with a city tour of Shanghai including a visit to the BUND and a twilight river cruise.

In the meeting there was a strong emphasis on detection and primary prevention balanced by presentations and discussions on modern principles of management. There was discussion of the guidelines from different regions of the world and their relevance to countries at different stages of development. Original work was presented by the Faculty and scholars. There was a case management session organized by Markus Schlaich. The role of the New Investigator Committee of ISH was presented by Akira Nishiyama and will, we are confident, lead to a number of new applications to ISH to join as research Fellows and take part in future meetings of ISH and the New Investigator Committee.


The participants in the Summer School, both scholars and Faculty, thought that it was a success and should be continued in the future. The summer schools have been able to be conducted due to grants from ISH that have provided fares for the international Faculty and some support for the local organization, as well as support from the member societies of APSH who have funded the attendance of Faculty members and provided support for scholars to attend. The major cost has been borne by the local hosts, the Chinese Hypertension League and the Shanghai Institute of Hypertension. Provided support from ISH can be continued or increased it is planned to hold a third summer school in 2019. Once approval is granted a search for a host society will be made.

Trefor Morgan (Dean)
Jiguang Wang (Convener)







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